Cascade Effect

Demand for ESG and responsible investing creating its own momentum

X Ray Vision

Juan Hernando of Morabanc on the impact of regulated transparency of costs


Country Report: Switzerland

Swiss market views and insights from locally based fund selectors; highlights from our Swiss Summit earlier in 2018, an outlook on ETFs in the Swiss context, and an overview of pending events in 2019.


InvestmentEurope Magazine – Past Issues
All digital issues of the InvestmentEurope Magazine are available online here.

Moody Blues

Negotiating the near challenges for EM, with an eye to the long game


10 Years On

Francisco Javier Velasco at Andbank on the lessons learned from Lehman Brothers and the GFA

Reality Bites

Funds must detail Brexit plans, note selectors such as Moez Bousarsar of Lyxor


Summer Slumber

Mussie Kidane of Pictet Wealth Management and other selectors ponder the effects on alpha generation of ‘the season’


Painting A Picture

Europe’s sub-advisory landscape disseminated


Pan-European Sub-Advisory Summit 2018 Preview

Overview of the Sub-Advisory landscape through knowledge partner instiHub, insights from Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Columbia Threadneedle Investments, Natixis, Jennison Associates (PGIM), Pictet Asset Management, Pimco. And an overview of the InvestmentEurope Pan-European Sub-Advisor Summit Milan 2018, taking place 4-5 October, including programme and venue details.


Country Report: Germany

Key trends in the German funds industry; views from the BVI on Mifid II and Priips; German investor views on Bunds; highlights from the InvestmentEurope DACH Summit Munich 2018, including video of speakers; the outlook for emerging markets, and a call to attend the Pan-European Summit Hamburg 2018, taking place 17-19 October.


Country Report: France

Key trends in the French funds industry; views from the Association Française de la Gestion Financière and La Société Française des Sélectionneurs de Fonds; highlights of the Frabelux Forum; developments in third party marketing; and the opportunities spotted in Brexit.


Constructive Commodities

Rita Gonzáález of Baluarte SCI on prospects for gold, oil & other commodities


Achieving Through Purpose

Considering the evidence of alpha generation across active and passive strategies.


Riding Higher

Read our interactive ezine on European equity and fixed income.


On Higher Tides

Investors consider the outlook for European equity and fixed income assets.


Greater China

Gabriel Catherin of KBL European Private Bankers explains his view of the pending China A-Shares revolution.


Building a better future

Read our interactive ezine on developments in SRI/ESG/Sustainability issues.


Benchmark Agnosticism

Beatriz Hernández of atl Capital on the trend towards unconstrained funds.


Deeper and Broader

This special supplement considers developments in SRI/ESG/Sustainability as it relates to both equities and fixed income. It also looks at measurements around adoption of related factors into investment processes.


Bye-Bye Britain

Lucas Strojny of Advenis Investment Managers cites Brexit challenge to UK-domiciled funds


Fixed Income Supplement 2018

Analysis of government bonds in light of interest rate expectations; the need to diversify into alternative areas of fixed income investing


London Roundtable 2017

Read our interactive ezine on the London Forum 2017, including video interviews and biographies of speakers, links to presentations and a full event report


Single Purpose

Thomas Metzger, head of Asset Management, Bankhaus Bauer, on the merits of single country funds


Fund Manager of the Year 2017/18 (ezine)

Read our interactive ezine on the Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2017/18, including video, photographs and portraits of the winning funds and fund selectors.


Brussels Roundtable 2017

Highlights from the InvestmentEurope Brussels Roundtable 2017 have been published in the form of an ezine.


Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2017/18

Considering the best performers and the outstanding personalities in the industry at the InvestmentEurope Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2017/18


Querying Quantity

Jarl Åkerlund of Trastebo shares his view on quantitative strategies


Tipping Point (e-zine version)

Socially Responsible Investment Supplement 2017


Peripheral Purpose

Marcus Stahlhacke of Alianz Global Investors on recovery and opportunity in the eurozone periphery


Tipping Point

Socially Responsible Investment Supplement 2017


Mifid Mania

DiverInvest’s Manuel Pedrera on the challenges and opportunities Mifid II brings


Still Bright

InvestmentEurope’s Emerging Markets Supplement 2017 considers the ongoing opportunities facing investors in both equity and fixed income instruments, as well as lessons learned from the global financial crisis and its long-term effect on the asset class.


The Next Crisis

Carim Habib, managing partner of Dolat Capital, outlines expectations of the next financial crisis


Painting a Picture

Irene Campos of Inverdif Asesores on how fine art is adding diversification in the fund environment


Continental Drift

Enrique Pardo of Allfunds Bank on the European welcome to non-European managers


Duration Duties

Stefan Keil of NORD/LB on the duration challenge to selection


Tracking Changes

Miguel Ángel Olmeda of Bank Degroof Petercam Spain comments on the challenge of closet tracker funds


Redefining emerging markets

Anaïs Gfeller of Allfunds Bank on the efects of the Trump presidency


Seeking innovation

João Graça of ActivoBank on the search for innovation in sectors and strategies


Celebrating Great Performance

InvestmentEurope Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2016/17


Ranking Fund Selectors

SharingAlpha CEO and co-founder Oren Kaplan explains the new ratings paradigm


Commodities Captured

Diego Fernández, A&G Banca Privada’s head of fund selection, on the challenges and opportunities in commodities


Gaining Momentum

InvestmentEurope’s SRI supplement outlines latest developments


Bonds or Bust

Olivier Couvreur of ABN Amro Investment Solutions on risks around ECB bond buying.


Passporting Pressures

Felix Müller of SwissLife Germany reacts to the practical implications of Brexit


Infrastructure Interest

Cristina Brízido at Caixagest on the shift towards infrastructure


(Re-)Emerging Markets

Régis Pinguet at CNP Assurance on reinvesting in emerging markets.


Regulation response

Bart van de Ven at Accuro on Mifid II threats and opportunities


Volatility views

Laurence Terryn of Candriam on threats and opportunities in the markets


Time for tech

Rui Pacheco of Banco Best on the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Brexit blues

Claudio Gligo of Union Investment Austria on the threat of a UK exit from the EU


In the post

Andreas Bichler of Mars Asset Management considers postal services providers in asset management


Property paradigm

Bruno Veillet-Lavallée of Amundi outlines his approach to real estate


China crisis

Jean-Marc Stenger of Lyxor sees reasons to remain positive.


Seeking different yields

Félix López of Atl Capital discusses trends spotted in alternatives investing


Oil’s future

Thomas Prandini of CFO Sim considers the risks around oil.


Life after M&A

Raquel Blázquez of Ibercaja Gestión ponders Europe’s M&A activity.


Cutting Carbon

Jon Beckett of Gemini Investment Management on the decarbonisation theme.


Considering Alternatives

Why Europe’s fund selectors are considering alternatives


The Greek Domino

Navigera’s Pia Hagen and other selectors gauge uncertainty spreading from Greece.


Scoping The Tech Revolution

Aktiva Fonder’s Lars Hamberg on the changes facing selectors.


The Great Rotation Revisited

Eurizon Capital’s Filippo Stefanini considers the case for and against.


Asset Quality Review

Carsten Mumm of Donner & Reuschel comments on the AQR.


Currency Concerns

SPP’s Helena Jendelid considers the impact of currency risk.


Asset Backed

Union Investment’s Thomas Romig comments on asset backed securities.


Interest Covered

Berenberg’s Stefan Keitel among selectors reacting to latest ECB rates policy.


Peripheral Vision

Eurozone recovery through the eyes of selectors such as Pablo Nortes Planas of Tressis.


Political Risk

Moving up the agenda of Monica Defend at Pioneer Investments and other selectors.


The Gender Agenda Across Europe

Marta Campello of Abente Asesores and other selectors see diversity making for better decision making.


Smart Beta

Indices by a different name are increasingly under the microscope of Union Investment’s Max Holzer and others.


Spain’s Recovery

Faith in Spanish assets has returned to Abante’s Javier Alonzo and other investors.

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