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Absolute Returns

Absolute Return Fund performance improves but is dependent on volatility - Fitch

Absolute return funds' performance has improved with over 70% of funds posting positive performance in 2012 and 2013, Fitch Ratings latest report revealed.

04 Dec 2013

Threadneedle joins multi-asset launch rush with new offering

Threadneedle Investments is the latest global manager to launch a new multi-asset fund, joining the rush to profit from the booming demand for the asset class.

18 Sep 2012

Standard Life sees surge in appetite for multi-asset

Like many of its competitors, Standard Life Investments has also seen an upsurge in demand for its multi-asset solutions. Its SICAV absolute return fund has seen significant inflows this summer.

14 Sep 2012

Aquila extends risk parity multi-asset fund range

Hamburg-based manager Aquila Capital has extended its €1.2bn risk parity fund range with a new portfolio as allocators increasingly consider volatility of assets, not just their returns, when buying funds.

06 Aug 2012

GAM's purchase of Arkos Capital brings boutique wider distribution

Swiss asset manager GAM is to buy its absolute return peer Arkos Capital, in a deal the target's chief investment officer said would open up new distribution opportunities for the mid-sized boutique.

28 Feb 2012
Asian dragon

Martin Currie lets clients re-enter the Dragon as it re-opens China fund

Martin Currie's China absolute return fund, one portfolio caught up in the sudden removal of former firm manager Chris Ruffle last year, is reopening to subscriptions after announcing extra capacity is available.

01 Feb 2012

Market rebound in October fails to stop Europeans redeeming from funds

Investors in all but nine countries across greater Europe grew their assets in October as markets rebounded. But this did not stop investors in all but six of the region's nations pulling money back from funds.

14 Dec 2011

Axa launches WF Optimal Absolute into Germany and Austria

Axa Investment Managers has introduced its AXA WF Optimal Absolute flexible fund into Germany and Austria, and plans to distribute it further throughout Europe to help investors achieve annual positive annual returns regardless of market direction.

25 Nov 2011

Frankfurt Forum - Strategies under the spotlight

At InvestmentEurope’s Frankfurt Forum in October, fund selectors sought managers who can limit or prevent losses near-term, but still prosper when capital markets finally calm.

25 Oct 2011
audit skeptic

Eight in 10 absolute return funds lost money in August, says Fitch

Scepticism some European allocators feel about the ability of ‘absolute return’ funds to achieve their aims has been vindicated so far this month as almost eight in every 10 European funds in the sector lost money in the volatile first three weeks.

26 Aug 2011

S&P warns absolute return funds might fail to live up their name

Investors must understand the ‘absolute return’ in the title of absolute return funds is a target rather than a promise by the manager, and allocators should prepare for occasional drawdowns, says Standard & Poor’s.

27 Jul 2011

Dalton Strategic plans Indian absolute return fund

London’s Dalton Strategic Partnership has hired a senior manager from the proprietary trading group that Goldman Sachs disbanded recently, to run an Indian absolute return fund launching in September.

26 Jul 2011
business graph

Inflation challenges absolute return funds

More than half of UK absolute return funds fail to beat inflation

25 Jul 2011
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Sauren launches multi-manager fund for emerging markets

Germany’s Sauren has launched its first balanced growth-economies fund of funds, providing an alternative to the growing number of multi-asset developing markets products run by just one manager.

30 Jun 2011

Funds update: JOHCM, JOHIM, Pioneer, RWC - update, Skyline, SGSS

Syme and Wimborne set for launch of second JOHCM emerging markets fund, JOHIM lowers entry for A class shares within portfolio fund, Pioneer merges absolute return equity fund into Lux funds umbrella, RWC’s convertibles Ucits reaches out to Asian appetite, Skyline uses MontLake platform for global Ucits, SGSS offers KIID production in all European languages.

28 Jun 2011


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AB's Phelps to speak on concentrated portfolios in Hamburg

Mark Phelps, head of Concentrated Global Growth at AB, will join InvestmentEurope's Pan-European Fund Selector Summit in Hamburg.


M&G's Richard Halle and Daniel White to speak in Hamburg

Richard Halle and Daniel White are set to take part in the InvestmentEurope Autumn Pan-European Fund Selector Summit, which takes place in Hamburg 15-17 October.