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Could this be the dominant US investment theme of the decade?

The "shale revolution" has reignited talk of the US achieving energy self-sufficiency. While this may be some way off, The Boston Company Asset Management's Robin Wehbé explores the ways in which the US oil and gas sector and US economy stand to benefit.

24 Jul 2014

Gold drops below 1,300 after Yellen's speech notes Julius Baer's Menke

Carsten Menke, analyst Commodities Research at Bank Julius Baer, comments on the impact of Yellen's latest report to Congress.

16 Jul 2014

Gold fix still fine, says Ross Norman at Sharps Pixley

Ross Norman, CEO of London based bullion broker Sharps Pixley, says the arguments in favour of the London gold fix remain sound, despite the change that has just hit the silver market.

14 Jul 2014

Towers Watson sees $5.7trn in alternative assets

Total global alternative assets have hit $5.7trn, according to the latest research from Towers Watson.

14 Jul 2014

Silver fixed by new parties

CME Group and Thomson Reuters will provide a London Silver Fix solution starting from 15 August, which will replace the previous fix system in place for over a century.

11 Jul 2014

S&P delivers verdict on insurer role in infrastructure

Insurance companies are well placed to fill a $500bn annual gap between infrastructure investment needs and the lending available from traditional sources such as banks, according to research published by S&P RatingsDirect.

07 Jul 2014

Old Mutual Global Investors' Ian Heslop sees oil adding to uncertainty

Ian Heslop, head of Global Equities at Old Mutual Global Investors, sees the potential for an oil price spike adding to uncertainty around the direction of prices on the US stock market.

03 Jul 2014

Schroders teams up with Paulson to launch Merger Arbitrage fund

UK asset manager Schroders has teamed up with hedge fund manager John Paulson (pictured) to launch the Schroders GAIA Paulson Merger Arbitrage fund.

25 Jun 2014

Ethical investing for the long term - Standard Life Investments comments

Global investment manager, Standard Life Investments reflects on ten years of ethical investing in the £206.3m Standard Life Investments UK Ethical Fund and highlights the results of its 2014 Annual Ethical Investor Survey which shows that good Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Engagement are important to investors.

24 Jun 2014

BlackRock's Koesterich: Rising oil prices could cause stocks to slide

Russ Koesterich, global chief investment strategist at Blackrock, argues that rising oil prices could cause stocks to slide.

19 Jun 2014

ITG's Sparkes: Driving competitive advantage through FX TCA

Michael Sparkes (pictured), director of ITG argues that Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)enables firms to reduce costs and hone trading strategies.

12 Jun 2014

Hermes Real Estate's Roberts: State of commercial property in Europe

Divisions over what Europe means to its people were highlighted by the results of the Europe-wide elections in May. What does Europe now mean to real estate investors? Nigel Roberts, head of strategy at Hermes Real Estate, comments.

12 Jun 2014

LTV values up for UK commercial real estate - Laxfield Capital

Laxfield Capital's latest UK Commercial Real Estate Debt Barometer suggests loan to value ratios have increased in the past two quarters, compared to the same time last year.

06 Jun 2014

Capital weighted benchmarks might have a negative effect on managed futures, says Salus Alpha's Ritesh Jain

Ritesh Jain, analyst at Salus Alpha Capital, has looked at views on benchmarking as they affect managed futures funds.

05 Jun 2014
wingwitt gas pump nevada

Game changer - the Sino-Russian gas supply deal, says East Capital

Jacob Grapengiesser, partner and senior advisor at East Capital comments on the sign off of the gas supply deal between Russia and China.

02 Jun 2014


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AB's Phelps to speak on concentrated portfolios in Hamburg

Mark Phelps, head of Concentrated Global Growth at AB, will join InvestmentEurope's Pan-European Fund Selector Summit in Hamburg.


M&G's Richard Halle and Daniel White to speak in Hamburg

Richard Halle and Daniel White are set to take part in the InvestmentEurope Autumn Pan-European Fund Selector Summit, which takes place in Hamburg 15-17 October.