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Asset Allocation

Baring's Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund hits £6bn AUM

Following the stabilisation of the global economy, Barings' flagship asset allocation product, the Baring Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) Fund, increased its risk profile in the final quarter of last year, taking equity holdings up from around 30% at the end of the third quarter of 2012 to 43%.

15 Jan 2013

Allianz offers solutions to "tragedy" of financial repression

Mario Draghi may have calmed fears among institutions about the ability of Eurozone states to meet their bills, but the financial repression necessary to buy indebted countries breathing room has put the problem of low interest rates near the forefront of large allocators' minds, new research finds.

05 Dec 2012

Yield-hunt one of few goals uniting retail and institutional buyers, finds Cerulli Associates

European fund sellers seem to be using fixed income products to gain entry to both retail and institutional buyers - slaking their shared thirst for yield - but the distributors are then unveiling very different kinds of strategies, depending on the client type.

16 Nov 2012

Diversify assets focusing on risk not on geography, says Pimco's Daniel Phillipson

Investors do well in considering asset diversification focused on risk, not simply traditional asset or geographic allocation.

28 Sep 2012

Equities markets require more certainty on Europe, US, suggests Ashburton's Tristan Hanson

Tristan Hanson, head of asset allocation at Ashburton, says more certainty about European and US growth prospects is required before equity indices break out of their trading ranges of the past year and a half.

17 Sep 2012

Focus on multi-asset - Appetite for strategy sparks bidding war for talent

The popularity of the strategy of ‘multi-asset' has sparked an intense sales war in one of the few ‘hot' spaces of European asset management, but it has also initiated a recruitment race to fill teams with talented people.

10 Sep 2012

'Non, je ne regrette rien' - the allocator who exited from John Paulson, by 2007

The practice of ‘sell discipline' should be exactly that - a ‘discipline' that investors follow strictly, even if it is painful - and even if in retrospect, it sometimes seems very painful.

06 Sep 2012

Schroders hires multi-asset duo after losing one to Investec

Schroders has hired two senior analysts to its multi-asset investment and portfolio solutions team, after recently losing its diversified growth fund manager Michael Spinks to Investec Asset Management.

03 Sep 2012

Schroders hires two for multi-asset team

Schroders has hired two senior analysts to its multi-asset investment and portfolio solutions team, after recently losing its diversified growth fund manager Michael Spinks to Investec Asset Management.

03 Sep 2012

Focus on currencies - Forex Club's Andrey Dirgin looks at the five types of FX trader

Trading any financial market is challenging and requires a particular set of skills to achieve success - foreign exchange is no exception.

31 Aug 2012
The Matterhorn in Switzerland

Swiss fund industry receives currency boost but muted inflows

A strengthening Swiss franc might have hurt the country's exporters, but it helped its fund market hit new asset peaks of nearly CHF 700bn in July, after it already reached a five-year high in June.

20 Aug 2012

Schroders and Swisscanto respond to hunt for yield in German-speaking Europe

Schroders has won approval to distribute the fourth fund in its multi-asset range in Germany and Austria, offering set distributions to investors there at a time they are increasingly starved of yield.

16 Aug 2012
A roll of euros in a padlock

J.P.Morgan boosts money market fund sales team in Germany and Austria

J.P.Morgan Asset Management's global liquidity department has hired Peter Pergovacz for German and Austrian sales, however he takes on the role in a climate so challenging for European cash funds that some managers, including at J.P. Morgan, have capped inflows.

07 Aug 2012

Aquila extends risk parity multi-asset fund range

Hamburg-based manager Aquila Capital has extended its €1.2bn risk parity fund range with a new portfolio as allocators increasingly consider volatility of assets, not just their returns, when buying funds.

06 Aug 2012
Rack server with ethernet cables

Fidessa expands multi-asset clientele with Newedge win

Fidessa has become the latest investment software vendor to expand the reach of its multi-asset activities, as it was selected by broker Newedge for its global equity and derivatives trading.

24 Jul 2012


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