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US elections : clear and present danger

By: William De Vries | 26 Sep 2016

William de Vries is head of Core Fixed Income at Kempen Capital Management. The latest US elections polls show that Donald Trump’s campaign clearly has positive momentum,…

La fortuna di investire in azioni indiane

By: Prashant Kothari | 26 Sep 2016

Di recente abbiamo gioito di due avvenimenti molto importanti nel mercato indiano: l’approvazione della legge sull’imposta su beni e servizi e la nomina del prossimo governatore della…

Reappraising the case for commodities

By: Duncan Lamont | 26 Sep 2016

Sentiment towards commodities has turned decidedly sour over recent years. Investors are now questioning the role of commodities in their strategic asset allocation. We have conducted analysis…

Monday Morning Memo: Review of the European ETF Market, August 2016

By: Detlef Glow | 26 Sep 2016

The promoters of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) enjoyed net inflows for August in a prospering market environment. Increasing markets lifted the assets under management in the European ETF…

European high yield: Reliable source of income

By: Roman Gaiser | 23 Sep 2016

Investors are facing an unprecedentedly challenging investment landscape. Income-generating securities are scarce as nearly €5trn of European fixed income assets are yielding below zero. So those requiring…

M. M. Warburg: CSPP programme inflates prices

By: Mona Dohle | 23 Sep 2016

Martin Hasse, fixed income analyst at M.M. Warburg, discusses the pitfalls of the CSPP programme. Are you concerned about ‘crowding out’ effects of the ECB’s bond purchasing…

No defence – Bond proxies will not be safe in the long run

By: Andrew Lyddon | 23 Sep 2016

The ever-higher prices investors appear willing to pay for the perceived safety of many traditionally defensive assets has been a recurring theme for some time now, here on The…

Japan: Positive long-term outlook

By: Miyuki Kashima | 23 Sep 2016

In August, mixed returns were seen for both segments. The TOPIX Total Return index ended +0.51% over the month whereas the Russell Nomura Small Cap index declined 3.2%.…

Who to believe – bulls or bears?

By: Guy Stephens | 22 Sep 2016

Forget about interest rate rises, the potential elephant in the room which is massively under-priced is inflation risk, says Rowan Dartington Signature’s managing director Guy Stephens All…

Fed’s lack of action risks putting it behind the curve

By: Michael Hasenstab And Mark Mobius | 22 Sep 2016

Franklin Templeton Global Macro CIO Michael Hasenstab, feels the Fed’s lack of action risks putting it behind the curve when it comes to inflation, and Templeton Emerging Markets…

No BoJ rate cut, but new policies brought in to boost inflation

By: Keith Wade | 21 Sep 2016

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) did not cut rates but did introduce two new policy measures at today’s meeting. The first is “QQE (quantitative and qualitative easing)…

The technicals behind EM debt

By: Ivailo Vesselinov & Damien Buchet | 21 Sep 2016

The macro backdrop has always been a key driver for EM assets, but in recent times technicals have become just as crucial a determinant of investor sentiment.…

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