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The case for policy coordination

By: Willem Verhagen And Maarten-Jan Bakkum | 26 Aug 2016

We previously  discussed helicopter money, which is essentially a very strong form of coordination between fiscal and monetary policy. The main lesson is that in a world…

Is inflation bubbling below the surface?

By: Ashwin Alankar | 26 Aug 2016

Seeking to identify near-term risks to the US economy and its financial markets, the Janus Asset Allocation Team noticed that the prospect of an acceleration in inflation has been…

How negatives rates are having a rising impact on credit markets

By: Markus Allenspach | 25 Aug 2016

We reckon the rising risks of the policy of negative interest rates. Money flows into riskier segments of the financial markets, in particular sub-investment grade bonds and…

Iron ore: High-cost supplies are returning

By: Carsten Menke | 25 Aug 2016

The iron ore market is showing surprising strength. Since the beginning of the month, prices have moved back above $60 per tonne. We believe this strength is…

Multi-asset and liquid alternatives in great demand

By: Gabe Altbach | 25 Aug 2016

Over the past few years, investors have been increasingly looking for high value-added solutions, such as multi-asset and liquid alternative approaches, in an attempt to meet their…

Emerging markets: faster, higher, stronger?

By: Craig Botham | 24 Aug 2016

Craig Botham, Schroders’ Emerging Markets economist, comments that emerging market performance is set to improve in aggregate, though not yet to Olympian standards.  Overall, we expect stronger…

Brexit? What Brexit?

By: Guy Stephens | 24 Aug 2016

Rowan Dartington Signature’s Guy Stephens comments on whether Brexit gloom is all talk with very little substance. We are now two months from the Brexit vote and…

India: United nation?

By: Frank Vranken | 23 Aug 2016

Twenty-five years after the passage of sweeping legislation that liberalized the country’s economy, India remains a notoriously difficult place to do business. Rated the most bureaucratic nation…

Oil price and inflation – Rupture

By: Philippe Waechter | 23 Aug 2016

Currently, the most important graph is the price of oil. Last week, the oil price was above its level of August 2015. The oil price has started…

Rekordhohe Zuflüsse in Schwellenländer-Anleihen

By: Hannes Boller | 23 Aug 2016

Laut Hannes Boller, Senior Portfolio Manager des FISCH Bond Emerging Markets Corporates Opportunistic Fund für Fisch Asset Management, nimmmt die  makroökonomische Relevanz der Schwellenländer angesichts attraktiver Rendite-pick-up…

Energy pipelines – until the end of the world

By: Pablo Kohen | 22 Aug 2016

Pablo Kohen, senior investment analyst in the global listed infrastructure team at First State Investments, gives his view on US energy pipelines’ outlook. After collapsing at the…

Capturing Emerging Market growth via multinationals

By: Charles Hamker | 22 Aug 2016

Between 2015 and 2030, consumer spending in emerging markets is projected to grow three times faster than in developed markets—the result of rapid population growth, increasing urbanization…

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