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The productivity puzzle – survival of the weakest

By: Guy Stephens | 20 Sep 2017

As productivity growth in developed economies continues to fall, Guy Stephens, technical investment director at Rowan Dartington, asks whether we are destined to become a low-growth world.…

Is Italy poised for a Spanish-style renaissance?

By: Jacob Mitchell | 20 Sep 2017

The European Union has often been described as an economic impossibility. However, a conclusive and overlooked fact remains that since the birth of the euro, the EU…

Switzerland opens flagship index to European Investors

By: Christian Bahr | 20 Sep 2017

Historically, the Swiss equity market has always been very concentrated with just a few very big global companies. As a result, the Swiss Market Index (“SMI”), the…

Managing disruption: leveraging technologists at the top

By: Jon Willis | 18 Sep 2017

Change happens, and it can happen very quickly, often catching the established order unprepared. For traditional retailers, the introduction of e-commerce and the advent of tech enabled…

What does the BoE’s rate hint mean for stock pickers?

By: Samantha Gleave | 15 Sep 2017

Since the Bank of England’s (BoE) Monetary Policy Committee released its statement at midday, markets have been rapidly attempting to adjust the aforementioned expectations and reprice assets;…

Hitting peak QE: How rough could the downhill ride be?

By:  Erik Knutzen | 13 Sep 2017

It’s sobering to think that, after four years of the Federal Reserve “tapering” its QE program, and with a reduction in its balance sheet imminent, we may…

M&G: UK inflation data suggest BoE should stay on course

By: Ben Lord | 12 Sep 2017

Ben Lord, manager of the M&G UK Inflation Linked Corporate Fund, comments on the impact of UK monthly inflation data on the fixed income market. CPI monthly…

Protecting your portfolio from inflation

By: Cynthia Bowring | 12 Sep 2017

The UK’s consumer price index (CPI) came in at 2.9% in August – 0.9% above the Bank of England’s target of 2%, and well above the 0%…

Should the rules on securities lending in Ucits funds be revised?

By: Detlef Glow | 11 Sep 2017

A topic  discussed frequently is securities lending as a modern management technique to increase returns of mutual funds and ETFs. Even though there are some benefits for…

China’s 13th Five Year Plan good news for investors

By: Ping He | 11 Sep 2017

Government policy and regulations can have a major impact on local businesses that operate within a country and on foreign businesses that wish to invest and or…

Will Brexit force UK to employ ‘helicopter money’?

By: Quentin Fitzsimmons | 07 Sep 2017

More than a year has passed since the UK electorate voted to leave the European Union (EU) and there is a very long way to go before…

BlackRock’s Richard Turnill: Bonds for ballast

By: Richard Turnill | 06 Sep 2017

BlackRock advocate a strategic allocation to government bonds, despite their low potential returns, as a buffer against equity market sell-offs, according to the Group’s global chief investment…

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