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What’s next for the EU banking sector?

By: Davide Marchesin | 28 Jul 2016

The European banking sector today looks very different to the one we had in 2011. Thanks to the long term refinancing operation and quantitative easing, the sector…

Biopharma: Healthy returns ahead

By: Christophe Eggmann | 28 Jul 2016

After a challenging nine months, healthcare investors can look forward to a turnaround in the sector’s fortunes. Christophe Eggmann, investment director for healthcare equities, explains why the…

Helicopter money: credible irresponsibility in Japan?

By: Steve Donzé, Hiroshi Matsumoto | 28 Jul 2016

Steve Donzé and Hiroshi Matsumoto are respectively senior macro strategist and head of Investment Management Japan at Pictet Asset Management. The recent rally in the yen is casting…

Optimistic Fed, not bad for bonds

By: Robert Tipp | 28 Jul 2016

Robert Tipp, chief investment officer at PGIM Fixed Income discusses the US Federal Reserve meeting decision yesterday. The statement remarked on improvements in the US economy and…

UK economy robust before Brexit vote

By: Azad Zangana | 27 Jul 2016

Azad Zangana, senior European economist at Schroders, comments on UK GDP data. The first estimate of second quarter UK GDP growth shows the economy performing well in the…

NN IP: European financials ‘extremely undervalued’

By: Nicolas Simar | 27 Jul 2016

NN IP estimates that banks’ discount to the market is close to 40% banks have only been cheaper during the peak of the TMT bubble. In our European…

Should investors stay clear of Argentina?

By: Carl Shepherd | 26 Jul 2016

Carl Shepherd, portfolio manager Fixed Income at BNY Mellon Boutique Newton says that despite a storming return to debt markets in April, Argentina faces some serious headwinds.…

Are there any safe haven investments left?

By: David Brett | 25 Jul 2016

After nearly a decade of low interest rates and central banks pumping money into financial markets traditional safe haven investments have become expensive, so where could investors look…

What’s next for emerging markets?

By: Robert Lloyd George | 25 Jul 2016

Robert Lloyd George is manager of the Bamboo fund at Geneva-based Quaero Capital. The world is looking very different after the shock of the Brexit vote in…

Investors keep faith with policy makers

By: Russel Matthews | 25 Jul 2016

Russel Matthews, portfolio manager, European bond strategies at BlueBay Asset Management,  explains how markets are holding firm amidst a cacophony of geopolitical unrest, central bank meetings and…

ETFs benefit from Brexit effect in June

By: Detlef Glow | 25 Jul 2016

Compared to the overall fund industry in Europe and despite the increased volatility prior to the “Brexit” vote in the United Kingdom, the promoters of exchange-traded funds…

Brexit – what’s next?

By: James Inglis-Jones & Samantha Gleave | 25 Jul 2016

The uncertainty preceding the UK’s referendum on EU membership and the shock which followed the Leave vote presented an environment which was difficult to navigate for many…

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