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Il ritorno degli hedge funds

By: Eugenia Jimenez | 20 Mar 2018

Una delle attività che svolgiamo regolarmente è il monitoraggio dei flussi sui mercati finanziari e delle scelte strategiche di gruppi di investitori di particolare rilevanza, sia a…

Moving beyond ’warehousing‘: The need for advanced ‘DataTech’

By: Katie Kiss | 20 Mar 2018

Over the past decade, what started out as industry buzzwords – data, data warehouse, data strategy and data governance – have become part of our daily work…

Long lease real estate: a compelling investment opportunity for continental European institutional investors

By: Luke Powell | 19 Mar 2018

One of the most striking trends in the UK commercial real estate market in recent years has been the rapid growth of long lease funds. In a…

Market volatility hits ETF performance in February

By: Detlef Glow | 19 Mar 2018

The promoters of ETFs in Europe enjoyed net inflows for February. The assets under management in the European ETF industry (€648.3 bn) increased for February, up from…

EM companies taking innovation to the next level

By: Caroline Maes | 19 Mar 2018

“Innovation and leading technology” are generally not the first words that come to mind when we think of companies operating in emerging markets. Nevertheless, Comgest’s fund management…

Three key pressure gauges for financial markets

By: Erik Knutzen | 16 Mar 2018

As the economic machine speeds up, where on the dashboard do we look for pressure? If the economy is a machine, financial markets are its pressure-release valves…

China holds the key to equity market success in 2018

By: Jeremy Lang | 12 Mar 2018

At Ardevora, we look for information which can help us understand the behaviour of three groups of people: company managers, financial analysts and investors. Once a year…

Why investment managers need to take a more in-depth look at “last look”

By: Vikas Srivastava | 09 Mar 2018

When one of the world’s largest investment trade bodies publishes a white paper on Last Look within Foreign Exchange (FX) markets, we should all pay attention. The…

T. Rowe Price: 5 temi chiave per investire sui mercati azionari asiatici ex Japan

By: Eugenia Jimenez | 09 Mar 2018

L’area dell’Asia ex-Japan è stata tra i maggiori beneficiari della continua crescita globale, come riflesso anche dall’andamento dei mercati azionari nel 2017, dove la regione ha sovraperformato…

Creating the alpha female fund managers of the future

By: Claire Shaw | 08 Mar 2018

#Metoo #timesup #WomensMarch. In the last year, we have witnessed the greatest revolution towards gender equality since the suffragette movement. The energy and determination of activists around…

Elezioni italiane – l’impatto sull’azionario italiano

By: Stefano Ghiro | 05 Mar 2018

Nonostante l’incertezza politica, il mercato azionario italiano si era recentemente ben comportato, risultando il migliore tra i principali mercati europei sia nel 2017 che da inizio anno.…

Follow the money flows—Another view of securities lending

By: Detlef Glow | 05 Mar 2018

Detlef Glow, head of EMEA Research at Thomson Reuters Lipper questions whether securities lending really adds value for mutual fund investors.  Securities lending is a widely used…

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