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An opportune time to change investors’ perception of investing in Europe

By: Robert Mazzuoli | 31 Aug 2017

A healthy European economy seems to have stirred the interest of investors again. For the first time since the 2008 financial crisis we’ve seen evidence of synchronised…

Indonesia is not so fragile in the emerging market space

By: Patrick Zweifel | 29 Aug 2017

In 2013, Indonesia was one of the so-called “ fragile five” emerging countries. It has since made a major comeback. In May its sovereign debt was upgraded to…

The end of the eurozone’s QE era?

By: David Zahn | 29 Aug 2017

We know the European Central Bank (ECB) likes to flag changes to its monetary policy approach well before they’re implemented. That’s why we expect an imminent announcement…

The euro: higher or lower?

By: Jaisal Pastakia | 29 Aug 2017

The euro’s resurgence this year (8% higher against sterling and 12% higher against the US dollar) has come on the back of an improving growth backdrop together…

China, a haven of stability?

By: Nadège Dufossé | 29 Aug 2017

China’s annual average GDP growth over the medium term (2018-2020) has just been revised up by the IMF – from 6.0% to 6.4%, on expectations of further…

European investors look globally for yield

By: Detlef Glow | 29 Aug 2017

European Fund-Flow Trends, July 2017 July was the seventh consecutive month showing a positive picture for long-term mutual funds. European fund promoters enjoyed net inflows into equity…

Mifid II: Why outsourcing reporting should not come back to bite the buy-side

By: Haider Mannan | 25 Aug 2017

From investors wanting more bang for their buck to increasing reporting responsibilities, asset managers are facing challenges on all sides at the moment. Of course, the ultimate…

AIFMs: What operational changes after Brexit?

By: Joe Vittoria | 25 Aug 2017

UK-based Alternative Investment Funds Managers (AIFMs) are beginning to come to terms with the operational changes they may have to make, in order to continue to access…

Tailwind for emerging markets

By: Maarten-Jan Bakkum | 25 Aug 2017

In recent years, China has been the biggest challenge for the emerging markets: accelerating decline in growth combined with capital inflows and a rapidly rising debt ratio.…

Some factors suggest the euro will now stay firm vs dollar

By: Edouard De L'Espée | 25 Aug 2017

Quaero Capital’s yield opportunities strategy benefitted from exposure to some European assets over the past month. Exposure to European construction, to French and Italian banks, and to…

Fear and pessimism masking mispriced European opportunities

By: Jacob Mitchell | 24 Aug 2017

Jacob Mitchell (pictured) is CIO and portfolio manager at Antipodes Partners. As a monetary union with structurally different economies, the eurozone has often been described as an…

Rational exuberance

By: Guy Stephens | 24 Aug 2017

Last week, equity markets hit two month lows amid concerns regarding the crumbling support for President Trump, as well as the Spanish terror attacks. Not exactly a…

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