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In 2016 Open Door Media signed a cooperation agreement with SharingAlpha to facilitate publishing of ratings data on funds and providers, and most popular funds and providers as allocated in virtual funds of funds – identified through SharingAlpha’s user generated fund ratings platform.
SharingAlpha has recently become the largest fund rating agency in the world in terms of the number of fund selectors that contribute their views on collective investment vehicles. The Financial Times described SharingAlpha as ‘Morningstar meets TripAdvisor’, which nicely summarises what the platform does and how it works.
The agreement means that Open Door Media is able to present the data on its websites – such as www.investmenteurope.net – to benefit professional fund buyers who are looking to benchmark funds and providers on the basis of peer selection. They are also able to benchmark their own performances as fund buyers against industry peers. A list of top ranked fund selectors and asset allocators is also published regularly as part of the agreement.
At Open Door Media we are excited about this agreement as it brings unique content to our products and further embeds our brands in the communities that they serve. For more information please contact Oren Kaplan, CEO and co-founder of SharingAlpha, at oren.kaplan@sharingalpha.com.
Bdifferent is a specialist financial services market research company. We work closely with them to understand how fund selectors make their investment decisions and with whom. This knowledge is important for us as a media owner so that we can constantly evolve our products to serve the information needs of our audience. It is also of great interest and importance to our customers, the asset management companies, who need to know how best to serve their customers and how buying decisions vary from one market to another. Bdifferent provide the answers to these questions and much more.
To see the full details of this opportunity please ask us or contact Kim Bell at kim.bell@bdifferent.com or by phone 01293 601 901.




White Marble is a London-based marketing consultancy set up and managed by previous heads of marketing from leading investment houses. White Marble offer a distinct service to our asset management clients; providing access to deeply knowledgeable and experienced marketing resource, as and when needed. This keeps headcount stable and also enables asset managers to bulk up their marketing team ‘on demand’, aligned to their business and marketing objectives.
We are dedicated to marketing excellence and best practice. We believe that our service levels, client understanding, flexible solutions and cultural values, mean White Marble offer something unique within our industry.