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Category    Fund Name
Europe    BSF European Opportunities Extension A2 EUR
Europe    Threadneedle Pan European Focus Inst Net Inc EUR
Europe    DNCA Invest Europe Growth B
Europe    EI Sturdza Strategic Europe Value Fund
Europe    JPM Europe Strategic Growth A Dis EUR
Europe    Melchior Selected Trust European Opps I1 EUR
Europe    Tocqueville Value Europe P

North America    AB American Growth Portfolio
North America    Fideuram Fund Equity USA Advantage
North America    Interfund Equity USA Advantage
North America    Legg Mason ClearBridge US Lrg Cap Gro A Acc EUR
North America    Morgan Stanley US Advantage A EUR
North America    Morgan Stanley US Growth A EUR
North America    Pioneer Funds US Fundamental Growth

Global    Danske Invest Kestava Arvo Osake Kasvu
Global    Fundsmith Equity Fund Feeder EUR I Acc
Global    Goldman Sachs Glo CORE Eq Pf E Acc EUR
Global    JOHCM Global Opportunities A Inc EUR
Global    LO Funds – Generation Global (EUR) I A
Global    Morgan Stanley Global Opportunity A EUR
Global    Deka-TeleMedien TF

Global Emerging Markets    Comgest Growth Emerging Markets EUR Dis
Global Emerging Markets    Fidelity Funds – Inst Emer Markets Eq I-ACC-EUR
Global Emerging Markets    Fidelity Funds – Emerging Markets E-ACC-EUR
Global Emerging Markets    Goldman Sachs Em Markets Equity Pf E Acc EUR
Global Emerging Markets    Hermes Global Emerging Markets R EUR Acc
Global Emerging Markets    Nordea 1 – Stable Emerging Markets Equity BI EUR
Global Emerging Markets    Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets Sustainability Fund

Frontier    Fidelity Funds – Em Eu M East and Afr A-ACC-EUR
Frontier    Templeton Frontier Markets A (acc) EUR
Frontier    HSBC GIF Frontier Markets AC EUR
Frontier    KJK Fund SICAV-SIF-Baltic States B1 Cap
Frontier    Morgan Stanley Emer Eu M East & Africa Eq A EUR – Emerging Europe Middle East & Africa Equity
Frontier    NN (L) International Czech Equity P (SR) Cap EUR
Frontier    Schroder ISF Middle East EUR A Acc

Single Country    Candriam Equities B Belgium C Cap
Single Country    DWS Aktien Strategie Deutschland LC
Single Country    Goldman Sachs India Equity Pf E Acc EUR
Single Country    Kotak Funds-India Midcap B Acc EUR
Single Country    MainFirst – Germany Fund A
Single Country    Montanaro UK Income EUR
Single Country    Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent Fund

Asia Pacific    BGF Asian Growth Leaders E2 EUR
Asia Pacific    BGF Asian Dragon A2 EUR
Asia Pacific    Fidelity Funds – Pacific A-ACC-EUR
Asia Pacific    Fidelity Funds – Asian Special Sits A-ACC-EUR
Asia Pacific    Hermes Asia ex Japan Equity R EUR Acc
Asia Pacific    Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Sustainability Fund
Asia Pacific    Veritas Asian EUR A

Japan    AXA Rosenberg Japan Equity Alpha B EUR
Japan    BL Equities Japan B EUR Hedged Cap
Japan    BlackRock Japan Index EUR Flex Dist
Japan    Eurizon MM Collection Fund Daiwa Equity Japan
Japan    JPM Japan Equity D Acc EUR
Japan    Pictet-Japanese Equity Opportunities-I EUR
Japan    Tokio Marine Japanese Equity Focus B EUR

Corporate Bonds    Allianz Corps-Corent – P – EUR
Corporate Bonds    BlueBay Inv Grade Euro Aggregate Bd R EUR
Corporate Bonds    CBK E12.5 Corporate Bond Fund I Cap
Corporate Bonds    Kempen (Lux) Euro Credit Fund I
Corporate Bonds    LBPAM Obli Credit E
Corporate Bonds    Schroder ISF EURO Corporate Bond A Acc
Corporate Bonds    UniInstitutional German Corporate Bonds +

High Yield    Candriam Bonds Euro High Yield C Cap
High Yield    Deutsche Invest I Euro High Yield Corp LC
High Yield    Eurizon EasyFund Bond High Yield R
High Yield    Henderson HF Euro High Yield Bond A2 EUR
High Yield    Muzinich EuropeYield
High Yield    Schroder ISF EURO High Yield A Acc
High Yield    T Rowe European High Yield Bond A EUR

Global Bonds    Amundi Fds Bond Global – IE (D)
Global Bonds    Amundi Oblig Internationales EUR P
Global Bonds    Flossbach von Storch – Bond Opportunities I
Global Bonds    HSBC GIF Global Bond IC EUR
Global Bonds    NN (L) Glob Invest Grade Crdts Z Cap EUR
Global Bonds    Nordea 1 – Global Bond BP EUR
Global Bonds    Pictet-Global Bonds-I EUR

Emerging Market Debt    BNY Mellon Emerging Mkts Corporate Debt W EUR
Emerging Market Debt    Eurizon EasyFund Bond Emerging Markets R
Emerging Market Debt    Fidelity Funds – Emerging Mkt Dbt A-ACC-EUR
Emerging Market Debt    Goldman Sachs Em Markets Debt Pf E Acc EUR
Emerging Market Debt   M&G Emerging Markets Bond Fund
Emerging Market Debt    Nordea 1 – Emerging Market Bond BI EUR
Emerging Market Debt    Pioneer Funds Emerging Markets Bond

Convertible Bonds    AXA WF Framlington Global Convertibles FC EUR
Convertible Bonds    PARVEST Convertible Bond Europe Small Cap C C EUR
Convertible Bonds    CamGestion Convertibles Europe Classic
Convertible Bonds    Selection Convertibles A
Convertible Bonds    G FUND – European Convertible Bonds NC
Convertible Bonds    HSBC Europe Convertibles IC
Convertible Bonds    UBS (Lux) Inst Fund – Global Convertible Bonds BA

Money Market/Short Term Bonds    Amundi 3 – 6 M I C
Money Market/Short Term Bonds    AZ Fund 1 Cash 12 Mesi A AZ FUND Acc
Money Market/Short Term Bonds    AZ Fund 1 Cash Overnight A AZ FUND Acc
Money Market/Short Term Bonds    Alandsbanken Cash Manager B
Money Market/Short Term Bonds    BNP Paribas Money 3M IC
Money Market/Short Term Bonds    UniInstitutional Short Term Credit
Money Market/Short Term Bonds    ESPA RESERVE EURO PLUS EUR A

Hedge    Asian Capital Holdings ACH B EUR Dis
Hedge    Candriam World Alternative Alphamax C EUR Cap
Hedge    Kempen Non-Directional Partnership A
Hedge    Kempen Orange Investment Partnership A
Hedge    LO Multiadvisers – Gl Equity Long/Short (EUR) PA
Hedge    PAF – World Equity Hedge – HI EUR
Hedge    Mosaic Trading-HI EUR

Real Estate    AXA WF Framlington Europe Real Estate Secs AC
Real Estate    Henderson HF Pan European Property Equities A2 EUR
Real Estate    Morgan Stanley US Property A EUR
Real Estate    Oddo Immobilier CR-EUR
Real Estate    Petercam Securities Real Estate Europe B
Real Estate    Petercam Real Estate Europe Dividend A
Real Estate    KBC Select Immo Europe Plus

Commodity    BGF World Gold A2RF USD
Commodity    Carmignac Pfl Commodities A EUR acc
Commodity    Franklin Gold and Precious Metals A (acc) USD
Commodity    Konwave Gold Equity Fund B (USD)
Commodity    Investec GSF Global Gold A Acc
Commodity    Mediolanum Challenge Energy Equity L A
Commodity    T Rowe Global Natural Resources Eq A USD

ETFs    Amundi ETF Nasdaq-100 UCITS ETF – EUR
ETFs    iShares TecDAX® (DE)
ETFs    BNP Paribas Easy FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Develop Europe Ucits ETF QD
ETFs    db x-trackers FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Europe Real Estate UCITS ETF (DR)
ETFs    PowerShares EQQQ Nasdaq-100 UCITS ETF EUR
ETFs    Lyxor UCITS ETF World Water
ETFs    Lyxor UCITS ETF Nasdaq-100

Specialist Group of the Year – Winner to be announced on the night
Investment Group of the Year – Winner to be announced on the night
Personality of the Year – Winner to be announced on the night