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MIAMI • 28 & 29 APRIL 2016



Jason Kotik - Aberdeen
NameJason Kotik
Job titleSenior Investment Manager, North American Equities
CompanyAberdeen Asset Management
TitleThinking big with smaller companies
ContentAberdeen have been harnessing big ideas in the North American smaller company space for years. The companies may be small, but they believe they have the potential to pack a punch for long-term investors, especially those willing to dig deep. Jason Kotik, Aberdeen Senior Investment Manager and member of Aberdeen’s North American Equity Team, will speak about where you find such opportunities. Jason will also speak to the reasons why now is an opportune time to be invested in small-cap equities, provide insight into the team’s bottom-up, fundamental investment process and introduce the Aberdeen Global – North American Smaller Companies Fund.
BiogJason Kotik is a Senior Investment Manager on the North American Equity team responsible for the co-management of client portfolios. Jason joined Aberdeen in 2007 following the acquisition of Nationwide Financial Services. Previously, Jason worked at Allied Investment Advisors and T. Rowe Price. Jason graduated from the University of Delaware and earned an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. He is a CFA charterholder.
Matthias Born - Allianz
NameMatthias Born
Job titleSenior Portfolio Manager, European Equities
CompanyAllianz Global Investors
TitleAllianz Europe Equity Growth Select: structural growth investing beyond market cycles
ContentMatthias Born, lead portfolio manager of Allianz Europe Equity Growth Select, will present a high conviction strategy (30-45 stocks) focused on the most attractive structural growth ideas. Allianz Europe Equity Growth Select has been specifically designed to capitalize on the investment team’s core strength: bottom-up stock selection. Individual stock weights are based on the conviction level across the growth, quality and valuation criteria. Offering a strong risk/reward profile, the fund has the potential to outperform in both rising and falling markets.
BiogMatthias Born is Senior Portfolio Manager European equities. He manages growth style portfolios and country funds for German equities. In October 2009, Matthias was appointed Co-Leader of the Investment Style Team Growth. Since then he has been lead portfolio manager of the funds and mandates of the strategy Euroland Equity Growth and Continental Europe Growth. Matthias Born took up managing the German flagship fund Concentra in 2007. As a member of the European Equity Investment Style Team Small Caps, Matthias managed funds of the European Small Cap market segment from 2001-2009. From 2002 to 2009, Matthias also managed the Allianz Wachstum Deutschland fund. Prior to joining Allianz Global Investors, he worked for the Middle Market Group (Global Corporate Finance) at Dresdner Bank. In 2001, Matthias graduated in Business Administration from the University of Würzburg with a master’s degree.
Gerardo Zamorano - Brandes
NameGerardo Zamorano
Job titleDirector, Investments Group
CompanyBrandes Investment Partners
TitleFinding Value in Emerging Market and European Equities
ContentGlobal equity markets are seeing a divergence in performance and valuations. As a result, at Brandes we are currently finding very attractive value opportunities in a variety of different sectors and countries. We will focus on the opportunities currently available in both Emerging market and European equities for a value investor applying a bottom-up, flexible approach.
BiogGerardo Zamorano is a limited partner of Brandes’ parent company. His role is currently, Director, Investments Group and he is leading the research efforts in the telecommunications sector and covering telecom and media companies. Gerardo is a member of the Emerging Markets and All-Cap Investment Committees and started his career in 1995 but joined Brandes Investment Partners in 1999. Prior to joining Brandes, Gerardo was Assistant Investment Officer in the Latin America Department with the International Finance Corporation (part of the World Bank Group). He has an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management of Northwestern University, a BSE (magna cum laude) from the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.
Keith Ney -Carmignac
NameKeith Ney
Job titleFund Manager
CompanyCarmignac Gestion
TitleAlpha generation in an uncertain fixed income environment
ContentFollowing 30 years of a secular bull market, the fixed income asset class is going through a challenging phase. After a long period of low interest rate policy in the US, the Federal Reserve seems to have initiated the normalization process. Elsewhere, after macro-economic declines and uncertainty, European and Japanese rates seem to have also hit all-time lows, supported by central bank interventions. Furthermore, the combination of increased QE and lower trading liquidity has exacerbated the volatility of the asset class. Keith Ney, Fixed Income Fund manager at Carmignac, will present the investment allocation of Carmignac Portfolio Global bond and explain how we have been able to extract performance while investing across sovereign, credit and currency markets. He will also provide a glimpse into our unique investment philosophy and flexible approach, through which we believe we can continue to add value to the Fund.
BiogKeith Ney joined Carmignac Gestion in 2005 and has been the Fund Manager of Carmignac Securite since 2013. He previously worked for Lawndale Capital Management, an American cross-capital structure activist fund, as an analyst from 1999 to 2005. Keith holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of California at Berkeley. He is also a CFA Charter holder since 2002.
Thozet Kevin - EDR
NameKevin Thozet
Job titleProduct Specialist
CompanyEdmond de Rothschild Asset Management
TitleThe key to navigate in today’s markets
ContentMarkets are subject to an increasingly volatile environment and major market trends are slowly fading. In this context, the implementation of a flexible approach to investment appears to be necessary in order to both protect assets which are entrusted to asset managers as well as seizing investment opportunities when they arise. Indeed, a flexible approach to investment can allow for different objectives: the reconciliation of various investment horizons (with the active management of market exposure over the short term combined with a long term stock selection), or building portfolios with asymmetric returns with the possibility to shift rapidly from defensive assets to those displaying significant upside. Flexibility is also key when selecting instruments to implement investment decisions as one conviction or belief can be expressed in numerous ways with a significant impact on returns. Kevin will explain Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management’s approach to equity and fixed income investments, is notably characterized by its capacity to adapt to different and changing market environments and will expose the company’s approach to flexible investments.
BiogKevin Thozet is Product Specialist within the Asset Allocation & Sovereign Debt team, composed of 12 Portfolio managers/analysts.
He joined Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management in 2011 to set-up the RFP team and accompany the development of the company towards both French and International institutional clients. In 2015 he was appointed Product Specialist.
Previously, Kevin worked for Axa Investment Managers as Senior RFP Manager with special responsibility for international institutional clients. He holds a master’s degree in bilingual journalism and a master’s in management science.
Kevin Loome - Henderson
NameKevin Loome
Job titleHead of US Credit
CompanyHenderson Global Investors
TitleOpportunities in credit from a global perspective
ContentThis presentation focuses on how the market has changed through the current decade and focuses upon the challenges and opportunities facing investors, highlighting the growth of high yield globally. Particular attention is paid to the credit cycle across the world, the impact of monetary policy, the importance of credit selection in driving investor returns and how Henderson identifies attractive investment opportunities.
BiogKevin Loome joined Henderson in 2013 as the Head of US Credit and since then has helped launch and manage a number of funds. His career began at Morgan Stanley as an investment banking analyst, before moving on to work at T.Rowe Price as a portfolio manager and analyst. Prior to joining Henderson, Kevin worked at Delaware Investments as the Head of High Yield Investments and senior portfolio manager.
Kevin graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS in Commerce and has an MBA from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth. He is also a CFA charterholder.
Mike Gibb - Legg Mason
NameMike Gibb
Job titleProduct Specialist
CompanyLegg Mason Global Asset Management
TitleLegg Mason Global Asset Management
ContentThe past few years have seen turbulent macroeconomic and political events dominate European market sentiment. The outcome has been a low growth environment, with no real signs that this is going to end anytime soon. These are difficult times for investors but for fundamental long/short stockpickers there are still ways to capture company opportunities and generate returns for clients. This session will provide an insight for long/short investing in Europe and demonstrate that the investment process of the Legg Mason Martin Currie European Absolute Alpha Fund has the flexibility to navigate through this market environment and deliver an attractive risk/return profile for clients.
BiogMike is responsible for managing the relationship and wealth management opportunities through our Legg Mason partnership and acts as a product specialist for this channel. Prior to this, Mike was a client services director covering our institutional client base across regions and then a specialist hedge fund salesman with direct responsibility for our investors in Europe and Asia.
Kenichi Amaki - Matthews Asia
NameKenichi Amaki
Job titlePortfolio Manager
CompanyMatthews Asia
TitleJapan Equities: Capturing the Returns of Growth and Governance
ContentAfter two decades, we are seeing early signs of global investors decreasing their structural and behavioural underweight to Japan. Indeed, Japan has become one of the world’s most promising growth and reform stories. Now that the time has come to re-engage with Japan, Kenichi Amaki will share his perspective on the relevance of key governance changes that investors may have overlooked with all eyes on “Abenomics.” Kenichi will also explain how Japan has transformed from a “value” market to a “growth” market, and how the Matthews Japan strategy provides exposure to interesting investment opportunities across the market-cap spectrum.
BiogKenichi Amaki is a Portfolio Manager at Matthews Asia. He manages the firm’s Japan Strategy and co-manages the Asia Small Companies and China Small Companies Strategies. Prior to joining the firm in 2008 as a Research Analyst, he was an investment officer for a family trust based in Monaco, researching investment opportunities primarily in Japan. From 2001 to 2004, he worked on the International Pension Fund Team at Nomura Asset Management in Tokyo, Japan. Kenichi received a B.A. in Law from Keio University in Japan and an M.B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, and is fluent in Japanese.
Claudia Calich - M&G
NameClaudia Calich
Job titleFund Manager
CompanyM&G Investments
TitleWhat to buy in the emerging market bond space in the current macro environment
ContentEmerging markets (EM) represent roughly half of the global economy and investing in the niche EM debt asset class requires understanding where the opportunities lie to find pockets of value at any time. Claudia will walk you through her macro EM views and present her take on winners and losers in the current environment of slower economic growth in China, volatile oil prices, geopolitical risk and idiosyncratic considerations in a number of key countries. She will also highlight the important characteristics of the M&G Emerging Markets Bond Fund, including the flexibility of its investment approach. This allows her to take conviction views and be unconstrained in allocating the fund to hard or local currencies, government or corporate bonds, and the global EM regions. The presentation will also include insight in to Claudia’s active management of the fund’s currency positioning and interest rate risk.
BiogClaudia Calich joined M&G in October 2013 as a specialist in emerging markets debt and was appointed fund manager of the M&G Emerging Markets Bond Fund in December 2013. She was also appointed acting fund manager of the M&G Global Government Bond Fund and acting deputy fund manager of the M&G Global Macro Bond Fund in July 2015. Claudia has over 20 years of experience in emerging markets, most recently as a senior portfolio manager at Invesco in New York, with previous positions at Oppenheimer Funds, Fuji Bank, Standard & Poor’s and Reuters. Claudia graduated with a BA honours in economics from Susquehanna University in 1989 and holds an MA in international economics from the International University of Japan in Niigata.
Pierre Lepicard - NN Inv Partners
NamePierre Lepicard
Job title Portfolio Manager
CompanyNN Investment Partners
Title Convertible bonds: the fixed-income alternative to equities
ContentConvertible bonds form a well-established asset class that has outperformed through the cycle during the last 40 years. Convertibles have displayed lower volatility than equities and fewer defaults than high-yield bonds. The key attraction of the investment class is its potential ability to generate returns from both rising equity and credit markets.
NN Investment Partners’ convertibles investment strategy seeks to capture the essence of the opportunities offered by the convertible market. Our strategy is global, focused on balanced convertibles, supported by in-depth credit research and concentrated on a select number of convertibles that combine solid credit fundamentals, underlying equity upside and a balanced convertible profile with acceptable if not attractive valuations.
BiogPierre is Senior Client Portfolio Manager (CPM) for the Convertible Products group at NN Investment Partners (formerly known as ING Investment Management). He is responsible, since 2014, for representing the boutique and contributing to its commercial success through attracting and retaining clients in partnership with sales, marketing and product management. He is in charge of producing advanced research on the asset class and promoting our unique investment process. He has held several positions between 1986 and 2004 at Credit Lyonnais, JP Morgan, UBS and Lehman Brothers. In 2004 he joined Fortis - BNP IP as the CIO for Convertible Strategies and in 2013 building the business a top 5 global player in convertibles. In 2013, he joined Avoca Capital as the Director for Product Development Convertibles. Pierre is an engineer from the École Centrale de Lyon and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from UCLA in Los Angeles (USA).
John Malloy - RWC
NameJohn M. Malloy, Jr.
Job titlePortfolio Manager, Emerging Markets
CompanyRWC Partners
TitleNow is the time to actively invest in Emerging Markets Equities
ContentEmerging market equities have underperformed developed equities and are down in absolute terms since the peak in late 2007. The valuations are compelling and the risk reward is favorable. These markets will continue to offer better growth than developed markets.
RWC Partners Emerging Markets team takes a unique approach to investing in emerging and frontier markets. First of all, we analyse the macro risk of every country we invest with our proprietary models. Second, we identify global themes that drive growth rates of companies taking advantage of those themes. Finally, we conduct on-the-ground research to find the best growth opportunities in these countries with the goal of paying reasonable valuations for these businesses. Since inception this strategy of taking an index agnostic approach has produced positive alpha for our investors with very high active share.
BiogJohn has 23 years of experience in global investment management, commodity, debt and equity research analysis. Before joining RWC in March 2015 to manage the RWC Emerging Markets Equity Fund, John spent 18 years at Everest Capital where he focused on emerging markets investing. Formerly, John was a high yield manager at Barings focusing on Latin America and US markets. BS in Management, Norwich University. MBA, Boston University. Speaks Spanish.
Wes Sparks - Schroders
NameWes Sparks
Job titleHead of US Credit Strategies, US Fixed Income
TitleInvestment Grade and High Yield credit opportunities amidst market volatility
ContentCredit spreads have widened significantly over the past year and now stand at the widest levels since the 2009 recession. Much of that reflects expectations for higher defaults and more ratings downgrades, but wider spreads also reflect investor demand for a higher illiquidity risk premium and a greater “margin of safety” to compensate for uncertainty. Which has better prospects going forward – Investment Grade or High Yield? What are the industries and sectors with the best prospects now and where are the real investment opportunities? What investments should be avoided, despite optically cheap valuations? What are some key credit themes for 2016, and what signposts should investors watch for along the way?
BiogWesley Sparks has worked at Schroders for the past 15 years. As the Head of US Credit Strategies based in New York, he leads the US team responsible for all high yield and investment-grade credit portfolios. Wes built the High Yield team and has been the lead fund manager for Schroder ISF Global High Yield since its inception in 2004, and he is a co-manager for Schroder ISF Global Corporate Bond and various US multi-sector funds.
Prior to Schroders, Wes worked as a portfolio manager with corporate sector expertise at Aeltus Investment Management and TCW. Prior to that, he worked on the proprietary trading desk at Fischer Francis Trees & Watts, and Wes worked at Goldman Sachs Asset Management as a financial analyst and then an associate from 1988 to 1992.
Wes holds an MBA in Finance from Wharton and a BA in Economics magna cum laude from Northwestern University.