Guy Verhofstadt confirmed for Lausanne Summit in April

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Guy Verhofstadt, former prime minister of Belgium, leader of the group of Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament, and a previous candidate for the presidency of the European Commission, will deliver they keynote at this year’s Spring Pan-European Fund Selector Summit taking place in Lausanne 28-30 April.

Verhofstadt was prime minister of Belgium for almost ten years, from 1999 to 2008. His governments meant a breath of fresh air in Belgian politics. He made Belgium the second country in the world to introduce gay marriage and to legalize euthanasia.

In the economic field he drastically cut income taxes and taxes for entrepreneurs. Economic growth in Belgium rose beyond what was expected. Under his prime ministership the Belgian public debt fell from 114% of GDP to 84%.

After he left office, Verhofstadt was elected in the European Parliament where he became group leader of the Liberals and Democrats. For the past five years Verhofstadt has been an impatient champion of reform within the EU. He fought for faster decision making and more focus on the essential tasks of the Union.

Lots of the controversial points he launched in the beginning of his European career were taken up later on by the European heads of state and government. For example the banking union or the six pack.

Jonathan Boyd
Editorial Director of Open Door Media Publishing Ltd, and Editor of InvestmentEurope.
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