NN IP to join Lisbon roundtable with multi-asset portfolio

Iwan Brouwer, senior client portfolio manager, Multi-Asset at NN Investment Partners (NN IP), will present his multi-asset portfolio at the InvestmentEurope‘s Fund Selector Roundtable Lisbon.

“In a world characterised by heightened periods of volatility there is growing recognition that a multi-asset investment approach offers an interesting alternative to traditional benchmark-oriented strategies.

“The strategy will at all times be invested for at least 50% in high quality government bonds and/or cash (“relatively safer assets”). The other 50% can be invested in more risky assets (non-investment grade bonds, equities, real estate, currencies and commodities).

“The allocation between the two is driven by our assessment on the relative attractiveness of these asset classes, both from a return and risk perspective. Our dynamic asset allocation process enables the fund to exploit attractive investment opportunities when they arise.

“The Multi-Asset investment boutique consists of 20 professionals with an average of 13 years’ experience and is involved in overseeing around €25.4bn, both for retail and institutional clients (end September 2015),” the manager will tell Portuguese delegates.

Brouwer has been responsible since 2010 for representing the boutique and contributing to its commercial success through attracting and retaining clients in partnership with sales, marketing and product management.

As CPM Iwan has a bridging function between the investment engine, clients, client teams and distribution channels.

He has been with NN IP since 1996, having started as a Quantitative Equity Analyst, followed by Senior Portfolio Manager at the Structured Products Portfolio Management team in 2000, where he was responsible for OTC and Listed derivatives trading and product development, and in 2009 Senior Client Advisor Integrated Client Solutions, where he advised institutional clients (mainly pension funds) on asset and liability management.

Brouwer is also a VBA, CEFA (Dutch, European equivalent to CFA), has a Master in Management of the Centre for Economic Research, from Tilburg University, and an MSc in Business Administration from Tilburg University.

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