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Deutsche adds Swedish managed futures fund to dbSelect platform

  • By: David Walker
  • 26 Nov 2012
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Deutsche Bank has added a second fund from Swedish managed futures firm Coeli AB to its dbSelect platform, a method allocators can access liquid hedge fund strategies.

Coeli Spektrum manages $110m and has made 13.6% annualised over the last three years.

The launch comes as investors look beyond discretionary investment strategies in mainstream asset classes to make non-correlated returns.

It also complements the Coeli Power Surge Program, providing access to the Nordic power market, already on the dbSelect platform.

The latest Coeli strategy to join the platform has an average trade length of approximately three weeks, and uses trend-following models to capture longer-term trends in fixed income, FX and commodity futures markets.

It adds to this a contrarian model focused wholly on equity indices, to exploit short-term counter trend moves.

Ingemar Bergdahl, managing partner and portfolio manager at Coeli Spektrum said: "The last three years...has been a difficult period for many trend followers. We are 100% model-based and use only our own proprietary research in our models, and no standard indicators.

"There are many ways to be a successful trend follower, and we have established our own unique way to successfully navigate the markets."

The Coeli hedge fund programs join about 170 others on Deutsche Bank's platform, which has raised around $5.1bn from pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds, private banks and insurance companies.

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