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Investing in emerging equities: beyond China

Investing in emerging equities: beyond China

Views on the current health of the Chinese economy differ widely, but it’s hard not to be impressed by the progress the country has made in the last 20 years. Gross domestic product (GDP) per capita has risen more than ten-fold to around US$8,000 over this period, with much of this growth occurring in the […]

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Real assets trends identified around Alfi conference

Research figures published by the Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (Alfi), and timed to its Private Equity and Real Estate Investment Funds Conference, have suggested that an increasing number of managers are looking to opportunities in real assets, via private equity, property and loans funds. The figures, and the associated investment trends, are highlighted […]

Geopolitical risk top concern of pension professionals, PineBridge survey reveals

A survey conducted by PineBridge Investments on over 170 UK-based institutional investors and asset managers, has found out that geopolitical risk remains the biggest short to medium term risk to global economy according to pension professionals. Some 55% of the pension professionals surveyed ranked geopolitical risk before inflation (20%), growth rates (16%) and central bank […]

Three charts dissecting the next move for govvies

Many commentators in 2008 thought that in the aftermath of the global financial crisis government debt issuance would rise, and as a result yields would have to rise to accommodate the extra supply. In fact, the opposite has proved true, and instead we have moved into a low-inflation world with correspondingly low cash rates. As […]

Much investment bank research kyboshed by Mifid II – CFA Institute

Research published by the CFA Institute suggests that up to 78% of buy-side users of investment bank-sourced research may reduce their use of this source of investment ideas in the wake of Mifid II. In contrast, some 43% of those buy side professionals surveyed for the research said they may source “relatively more research” from […]

Majority of AMs to change operating model in 24 months

More than eight in 10 (83%) of asset managers will change their operating model in the coming 24 months, according to data and solutions provider Confluence’s 2017 Asset Management Trend Survey. Regulatory change (60%) and technology innovation (49%) were cited as the key factors driving the expected change. Compared to the earlier 2016 Trend Survey, this […]

Regulation hits fund product innovation – Cerulli

Innovation in Europe’s fund industry is suffering in the ongoing environment of regulatory change, according to research and consulting firm Cerulli Associations in its latest edition of its European research. The Cerulli Edge – Europe Edition points to other factors such as limited space on platforms, industry consolidation and “saturation” in certain asset classes as also […]

Will Fed tapering lead to headwinds for the mortgage market?

As the US Federal Reserve starts to normalize its balance sheet, some anticipate that this monetary tightening could create risks for agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS). However, considering the history of quantitative easing (QE) since the global financial crisis, we believe that tapering of reinvestments alone is unlikely to lead to near-term widening MBS spreads. Longer […]

Sustainable portfolios more expensive? Really?

Conventional wisdom has it that sustainable portfolios are more expensive. Indeed, those investing in high-quality companies and exhibiting more of a value bias may be seen as comparatively expensive. However, we need to ask ourselves two questions to address these statements. First of all, does a portfolio invested in sustainable equities always mean a sacrifice […]

UK companies fear late payments hit from Brexit

Significant concerns around the issue of late payments experienced by UK companies ahead of Brexit have been identified in a report published by payments services company Concur, with 86% of those businesses surveyed calling for legislation to specifically protect against this adverse outcome from the country’s departure from the EU. Concur, which as a company […]

Factor investing to harness the power of Value and Momentum

1. GLOBAL VALUATIONS AND OUR SMART BETA APPROACH Today, the strength of the global economy is becoming more broadly based. Investors are no longer reliant on the United States to be a single engine of growth. Valuations and earnings growth expectations in the Eurozone, Japan, UK and Emerging Markets still look attractive relative to the US. […]

India: a coiled spring

We think getting the country calls right is the biggest driver of successful investment in emerging markets. In our experience as investors, emerging markets go right or wrong at the country level, a view backed up by academic research. Through a top-down process that focuses on growth, liquidity, currency, management/politics and valuations, we produce monthly […]

Customer authentication still a poor experience

PwC and Nice Actimize, the financial crime, risk and compliance solutions provider, say that research into customer authentication processes used by financial services organisations has found that most, 72%, are yet to implement suitable cross channel management. The lack of strategy to implement authentication methods across channels is leaving customers with a poor experience, and is […]

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