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Investing in emerging equities: beyond China

Investing in emerging equities: beyond China

Views on the current health of the Chinese economy differ widely, but it’s hard not to be impressed by the progress the country has made in the last 20 years. Gross domestic product (GDP) per capita has risen more than ten-fold to around US$8,000 over this period, with much of this growth occurring in the […]

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Cerulli highlights “double whammy” facing money market funds

Regulatory pressures coupled with poor fee earnings are creating a “double whammy” situation facing money market funds in Europe, according to researchers at Cerulli Associates. In the latest issue of The Cerulli Edge – European Monthly Product Trends the research and consulting firm warns that some products are becoming unviable as a result. From the regulatory perspective, […]

Belgravia Épsilon, PIMCO GIS Global Bond, Odey Absolute Return funds join most highly rated on SharingAlpha

The latest monthly update of highly rated funds on the SharingAlpha platform has highlighted the Belgravia Épsilon, PIMCO GIS Global Bond and Odey Absolute Return funds as joining the list of top rated funds, as selected by the platforms users constituting professional fund selectors across Europe and beyond. The list of 10 most highly rated funds […]

Credi index points to continued credit market improvement in Sweden

The latest issue of the Catella Real Estate Debt Indicator (Credi) has reported an increase from 50.3 to 50.5, marking a second consecutive quarter above the 50 level, and indicating that the related credit market continues to improve. Catella project manager Martin Malhotra said such a period had not been seen since the autumn of […]

SRI/ESG/Sustainability Supplement: Building a better future

With many trillions of dollars/euros/pounds/yen committed to SRI/ESG/Sustainability objectives, and with broader developments around, for example, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, there trend visible in the asset management industry is clear for all to see. Improvements in both data and the ability to analyse the data means that it is becoming increasingly possible to develop […]

NN IP: Investors eye alternative credit to mitigate rate hike effects

More than one third of institutional investors are planning to increase their exposure to alternative credit if interest rates continue to rise, according to a survey conducted by NN IP. The survey, conducted among 100 institutional investors, revealed that a vast majority of 94% expect a Fed rate hike over the next twelve months, more […]

Quarter of investors plump for sustainability funds in Sweden

A survey jointly conducted by the Swedish Investment Fund Association together with Prospera Kantar Sifo suggests that one in four local investors are picking funds with sustainability objectives. The rate is even higher for women – 29% – while it is lower than the mean for men – 20% – the findings show. The survey has […]

SharingAlpha highlights top rated funds

SharingAlpha, the platform enabling a community of fund selectors to rate funds and generate a quantifiable ranking of their own rating skills, has published its latest update of top rated funds. The ratings are based on the preferences expressed by users of its platform, on the factors of people, price and portfolio, and are rated […]

Women rate themselves lower than men in knowledge of funds, Swedish Investment Fund Association finds

Research conducted on men and women long term savers by the Swedish Investment Fund Association together with Kantar Sifo Prospera has found more women rate their knowledge of investment funds as lower than the average than men. The finding is based on answers to questions that sought to find out not only how confident retail […]

Gender diversity has positive impact on financial performance MSCI study says

Firms which have strong talent management practices and a higher representation of women in their leadership tend to show stronger financial performance, according to a recent study conducted by Meggin Thwing Eastman and Panos Seretis on behalf of MSCI ESG Research. Analysing the company structure of consumer discretionary, consumer staples and industrials sectors and banking firms […]

Compromises required to launch on Ucits platform

Research from Cerulli Associates suggests that alternative mangers looking to launch on Ucits platforms have to compromise on issues of performance and fees in order to gain access to the distribution benefits that such platforms may offer. The findings come in the latest edition of The Cerulli Edge – Global Edition, which has has also looked at […]

Water in emerging markets: From challenges flow opportunities

Across the globe regions are maxing out water reserves, threatening human health, local development and global economic growth. The volume of renewable water per person is declining. There are currently 2 billion persons living in areas of excess water stress. Without change, demand for water will exceed supply by 40%.   Water needed to produce […]

Augentius annual survey: Cybersecurity not Brexit seen as key threat

Managers active in the private equity and property sectors are more concerned by cybersecurity threats than the possible impact of Brexit negotiations, according to the latest annual survey by Augentius, a global administrator. Its survey of over 100 manager and investors globally provides a snapshot of key expectations in the industry. This year’s findings point […]

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