Seek global growth and pursue sustainable income

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Capital Group sees 2015 as an opportunity for investors in need of growth and sustainable income.

Despite headwinds from geopolitical unrest, rising rates, a mixed growth picture and the threat of Ebola, Capital Group continues to see attractive opportunities based on a selective, long-term investment approach

Seek global growth

USAccelerating growth, an improving employment picture and benign inflation provide a favourable backdrop for continued investment. But after five years of solid gains, investors should temper expectations and expect volatility.

GlobalIt’s about companies, not countries. Europe and Japan face muted growth prospects, but currency weakness and falling energy prices could provide an earnings tailwind for attractively valued export-oriented businesses.

Emerging markets Returns may have lagged the developed market, but demographic and economic trends together with attractive valuations provide opportunities for selective long-term investment.

Pursue sustainable income

DividendsThe global dividend opportunity continues to broaden, and although conventional wisdom suggests rising rates are bad for dividend stocks, a closer look shows growers and payers faring well when rates tick up.

BondsWith the Fed signalling a rate increase, the bond market faces a challenging road ahead. But bonds can continue to provide needed diversification in uncertain times.

Emerging Market BondsEmerging market bond yields continue to offer relatively attractive valuations against a backdrop of low interest rates and accommodative monetary policy.



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