Advent Software publishes guide to euro exit strategies

Asset management software company
Advent Software has produced a research note discussing the various exit strategies its clients may have to consider should Greece or other countries cease to use the euro.

“Many Eurozone countries are experiencing severe debt problems and there is much speculation on the future of the Euro. There is growing concern that the Eurozone crisis could worsen and may lead to one or more Eurozone countries exiting the Euro and reintroducing national currencies,” the research document states.

One of the actions suggested for those concerned about the future of the European single currency is to draw up a checklist assessing the impact of any exits on “firm, Fund, Asset, Investor” and to reference these against “Legal structures, Investor documents, Mandates, Adjudication locations, Impact on operations”.

To view the research click here: [asset_library_tag 5353,Industry Update – Euro Exit Strategies]

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