Electrum launches SRRI values system

Scotland based Electrum has launched a web based system for producing and updating synthetic risk reward indicator (SRRI) values, as required by key investor information documents (KIIDs) under Ucits rules from July 2012 on.

Stuart Harper, Electrum’s managing director said: “Now that most fund managers have published their KIIDs in readiness for the July deadline; the collective sigh of relief is almost palpable. However, many are only now discovering that the pain is not over, since the Ucits IV regulations that introduced the KIID also brought an obligation to keep the KIID up to date.”

“Most of the content of the KIID needs relatively infrequent reviews, but the Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI) category needs constant attention. Electrum’s KiiDocs SRRI Monitor automates both the calculation and monitoring of the SRRI values to ensure that fund managers KII documents stay up to date, automatically complying with the new rules for managing UCITS.”

“For example, the SRRI Monitor calculates the SRRI values weekly, tracking the calculated value of the fund against the previously published value for each fund. This information is summarised in an ‘at a glance’ dashboard, backed up by a weekly report that demonstrates the length of time any values of funds have strayed from the published values.”

Electrum said its SRRI Monitor also provides an audit trail, including the entire data history of revisions and calculated SRRI values, with links to data sources.

Electrum’s SRRI Monitor provides a complete audit trail containing the entire history of all data loaded, including revisions, plus all the SRRI values calculated, with direct links back to the source data. It allows manual entry of SRRIs for exotic fund types (e.g. structured products) and users can view or download data & SRRI values for all dates and funds.


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