Follow Cyprus developments via Twitter

Latest developments in and around Cyprus are being made available via InvestmentEurope’s Twitter feed:

InvestmentEurope’s handle is @InvEurope.

For further feeds follow the hashtag #Cyprus.

Latest developments today include:

   – Warnings that queues are forming again around ATMs in the country

   – Governments such as the UK’s issuing formal warnings about financial trouble for visitors to Cyprus

   – Suggestions that Russia may be negotiating a naval base in addition to access to gas fields as the price for lending money

   – Ongoing significant criticism from the financial industry, academics and non-EU governments (chiefly Russia) over the way the ECB, Eurogroup, and European Commission have handled the situation

   – Fears that banks may only have ‘hours’ to find a solution or face collapse…but contradictory views about whether a collapse in the country’s financial system would prove systemically catastrophic for the wider eurozone

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