IEPlus – Collaboration on bond to raise funds for dementia treatment

An asset manager, a media company and a charity all working in south-west England have collaborated to develop a digital tablet app which will raise funds and help reinforce the memories of older people and those with dementia.

Digital Services Cornwall C.I.C.(DISC) will issue a £52,000 12-month CIC bond to develop the “Living Memories” app based on a series of archive films. The bond is being promoted by the UK CIC Association, which has over 2000 members.

Dementia is the term given to a collection of symptoms that contribute to various brain disorders. The symptoms are caused by disease or physical injury to the brain and make up the progressive condition known as Dementia. One in three people over the age of 65 will develop dementia.

As a first step a DVD with a user guide will be published in December, to be used for group reminiscence sessions in Memory Cafés and residential care homes. The digital version will be trialled on tablet PCs during 2013, before being launched nationally.

Brian Norris, executive director of DiSC said the DVD format and style has been tested over the last six months. “The feedback we have received from patients, carers and health professionals has been really pleasing. We hope that potential investors who have family members and friends with dementia will see the benefit of choosing our Bond.”

Partnering with the film archive of Greenpark Productions Ltd, set up in 1938, ( allows DiSC access to documentary and other programmes about UK social and industrial history from the 1940s onwards.

Anoop Singh, DiSC’s Director of IT and Innovation, said the organisation also wanted to involve young people in interviewing older people, so that both generations benefit from the experience.

The bond will be managed by the Allia Social Profit Society ( Supporters select how much interest they wish to donate to DiSC, with the balance of interest and all capital remaining with the investor.

Allia is a charitable social investment intermediary, started in 1999 under the name Citylife. It creates investment vehicles to raise finance for organisations delivering social impact.

For further information, archive film clips and stills, please contact Brian Norris

Email:     Tel: 44 (0)1566 782217     


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