InvestmentEurope – Fund Manager of the Year Awards Winners

Winners of the inaugural InvestmentEurope Fund Manager of the Year Awards have been announced in Lausanne, celebrating the achievements of managers whose funds are available for sale across Europe.

Held in Lausanne, Switzerland, to coincide with the second annual InvestmentEurope Pan-European Fund Selector Summit, the awards recognise the skill and performance of fund managers, and the expertise of fund selectors.


InvestmentEurope– Fund Manager of the Year Awards  
Award CategoryWinnerJudges’ Comment

Hedge Fund

of the Year

GAM Composite Absolute Return EUR OEIC AccThe hedge fund sector is much maligned across Europe but the best performers have treated investors well, and the winning fund has delivered consistent absolute returns without straying from their mandate.

Commodity Fund

of the Year

Investec GSF Global Natural Resources FundFor many, commodities mean Gold, but this manager has demonstrated a deeper and more sophisticated understanding of an asset class which is notoriously volatile. Our runner up, Pictet Timber fund, was also highly commended by the judges

Real Estate Fund

of the Year

Henderson Horizon Global Property Equities Fund.Investors have been slowly returning to an asset class which many fled in the wake of the 2008 crisis, and this fund has managed to build confidence and track record with resilience and skill.

Index/ETF Fund

of the Year

Lyxor ETF Nasdaq 100Investors in plain vanilla exchange traded funds want excellent liquidity and a viable asset under management, and this fund reliably delivered both, making it a clear winner in this category.

Corporate Bond Fund

of the Year

Aberdeen Global II – Euro Corp Bond EUR Z2 Acc.The judges said while sovereign debt markets sank, corporate bonds went from strength to strength. Such a boost tends to test even the best managers but this fund was lavishly praised as “outstanding in both Emerging and Developed markets”.

High Yield Debt Fund

of the Year

BGF US Dollar High Yield Bond FundJudges commented that in an extremely high quality category, there was one standout fund which has steadily attracted assets but maintained performance in an asset class famed for its volatility.

Global Bond Fund

of the Year

PIMCO GIS Global Bond Fund EUR (Hedged)This sector was dominated by one asset management company which in the opinion of the judges is a deserved market leader in fixed interest. Its winning fund displayed the great depth of resources it devotes to the sector to balance risk and returns.
Emerging Market Debt Fund of the YearBNY Mellon Emerging Markets Debt FundThe winning manager, which in the judges view just pipped two other funds, heads a very high quality EMD team that has consistently outperformed the benchmark and achieved lower volatility than many of its peers.

Pan Europe Equity

Fund of the Year

Allianz Europe Equity Growth – AT – EUR and Threadneedle Pan European Smaller Companies FundThe formidable challenges faced this year by managers of pan-European funds are well known. Less familiar are the very few outstanding managers who have successfully navigated their way, not just to safety, but to success. Two funds in very different sectors have demonstrated exceptional skill:
North American Equity Fund of the YearWells Fargo (LUX) WW US All Cap Growth I EURUS markets have been a bear trap for the complacent. The winner is a consistent performer with a great team behind it, and a style that works through all parts of the cycle.

Global Equity Fund

of the Year

Morgan Stanley Investment Funds Global Brands (A class, EUR denomination)With such a broad mandate, many managers would struggle to demonstrate a clear strategy that delivers outperformance. This fund has conviction, innovation and inspiration, making it a worthy winner from a class of thousands.
Global Emerging Market Equity Fund of the YearFirst State Global Emerging Markets Leaders A EURGlobal emerging markets seemed like a one way bet at times, but the unwary soon discovered that economic growth does not guarantee buoyant equity markets. The skill and risk management demonstrated by this fund makes it a worthy winner.

Frontier Equity Fund

of the Year

JPMorgan Funds – Africa Equity Fund A Acc EURIf emerging markets have been testing, frontier markets have been even more so. Delivering outperformance in this asset class requires huge commitment from the firm, as well as extraordinary skill from the manager.

Single Country Fund

of the Year

The JOINT winner was Allianz Indonesia – A – EUR and Cazenove UK Equity Fund B EURSingle Country funds represent a real commitment on the part of the investor, and sometimes throw up some surprising results, as in this instance. Joint winners – in two very different markets, but the managers proving real understanding of each one.

Asia Equity Fund

of the Year

First State Asia Pacific Leaders A EUR AccAsia has recently been the darling of investors, producing the economic growth all are looking for. But local knowledge underpinning superb stockpicking as well as a broader long term strategic view has lifted this fund above other high performing peers.

Japan Equity Fund

of the Year

JPMorgan Funds – JF Japan Equity Fund D Acc EURIn a market that has been trading sideways for many years, the winning manager has achieved consistent out performance combined with lower downside volatility compared to many of its peers.

Specialist Group

of the Year

First State Investments

An initial shortlist for the Specialist Group of the Year is constructed by looking at the overall number of funds a group has in the final shortlists then looking at the number of funds are either winners or highly commended.

The panel defines those groups as ‘specialists’ as being ones who do not try to have funds in broad range of geography or asset class but instead focus on a small number of funds with the objective of being best of breed in the sectors they specialise in.

The panel then debated the merits of each of the four groups for qualitative elements such as expanding the depth of their investment expertise in terms of range of funds so they are not at risk from a key person departing.

According to the citation, the winner is “a company which has firmly staked its reputation and the interests of its customers on arguably the most important geographic area for investors – Asia and the emerging economies. It has consistently produced above average returns by reinvesting in fund management talent and rightly earned a very high reputation in these sectors.”



Global Group

of the Year

Allianz Global Investors

An initial shortlist for the Global Group of the Year was constructed by looking at the overall number of funds a group has in all the sectors they are in, and then looking at the number of funds which are named as winner or in the top three of each category.

The panel then debated the merits of each of the groups for qualitative elements such as expanding the depth of their investment expertise in terms of fund range and personnel and consistency of investment process.

But at the heart is the debate is the consistency of the longer term performance of the fund managers, and where relevant their ability to manage strong inflows into their products.

A Global Group is defined as one with a range of expertise across geography and asset class.

This year’s winning group has combined its undoubted fixed interest reputation with its equity skills. Its heavy emphasis on investment process and fund management resources has proved to be the ideal combination for the difficult markets we live in.

This combined with the strong brand names and company balance sheet, which gives investors additional valuable comfort, has produced the winner.


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