US Treasuries top latest global 200 list from Lipper

Funds, including ETFs, invested in long dated US Treasuries top the latest list published by Lipper of the 200 best performing funds globally over the past year.

Rebased in euro return terms, two of the top five funds are invested in the asset class, as are half the top 10 funds.

Leading the returns are two exchange traded products: Direxion Daily 20+ Year Treasury Bull 3X Shares, and PowerShares DB 3x Long 25+ Year Treasury Bond ETN.

Also performing well in the top 10 are: ProShares Ultra 20+ Year Treasury, PIMCO 25+ Year Zero Coupon US Treasury Index, and Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury Index.

The Direxion ETF is looking to provide a returrn that is 300% of the performance of the NYSE 20 Year Plus Treasury Bond Index. This index tracks the total returns of the long term – 20 year and greater – maturity range of the US Treasury bond market.

The PowerShares ETN product is based on indices measuring the performance of long and short investments in CBOT Ultra T-Bond futures. The underlying assets of this in turn are US Treasury bonds with at least 25 years to maturity.

Funds invested in North American equity, emerging Europe, US corporate debt and Brazilian fixed income rounded out the top 10 performing vehicles, according to the Lipper data.

See below for the full list, including returns data.


Global Top 200 Funds EUR Fundsize (Rank by EUR)   
Name% Growth TR € 1yr to 29/06/12Jensen AlphaSharpe
Direxion Daily 20+ Year Treasury Bull 3X Shares155.36-1.370.42
PowerShares DB 3x Long 25+ Year Treasury Bond ETN153.27 0.47
Vanguard Tax-Managed Growth & Income Fund;Admiral142.39  
ETFS Short Natural Gas128.35.590.55
ProShares Ultra 20+ Year Treasury104.72 0.46
PIMCO 25+ Year Zero Coupon US Treasury Index Fd95.16 0.46
OTP EMDA Szarmaztatott Alap90.732.920.6
Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury Index Fd;Inst87.97-0.240.47
PIMCO Extended Duration Fund;Inst87.56-0.320.46
Oiti FI Mult Credito Privado Investimento Exterior84.34-6.130.18
Credit Suisse Proprio FI Multimercado82.41.370.44
Direxion Daily Retail Bull 3X Shares81.5 0.43
FALCOM IPO79.723.860.59
Robeco Inst Liability Driven Euro Gov Bd 40 Fd78.981.030.45
Robeco Inst Liability Driven Euro Full Disc. 40 Fd78.231.550.46
Vanguard 30-40 Year Duration Euro Index EUR71.543.650.4
ProFunds US Government Plus ProFund;Investor70.68-0.40.45
Rydex Government Long Bond 1.2x Strategy Fund;Adv69.82-0.220.47
PowerShares DB 3x German Bond Futures ETN67.73 0.5
FI Multimercado Kroisos Investimentos No Exterior67.114.990.43
Wasatch-Hoisington US Treasury Fund;Investor66.85-0.070.5
PIMCO GIS Euro Ultra Long Duration Inst EUR Acc65.933.090.43
Bradesco FI em Acoes Cielo65.555.270.69
BB ACOES CIELO FI65.475.280.68
OTP G10 Euro Szarmaztatott a A64.75 0.42
OTP Supra Szarmaztatott Kotveny Alap63.41 0.99
Super Renta Futura A60.182.620.48
FIP Votorantim Celta59.526.80.23
ProShares Ultra Nasdaq Biotechnology56.57 0.26
iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Bond Fund56.49-0.10.49
Mandiri Investa Dana Syariah53.912.330.28
iPath ETN US Treasury 10Yr Bull A53.03 0.6
iShares Dow Jones US Home Construction Index Fund52.812.260.25
Advis Equities Total Return FI Em Acoes52.024.60.65
American Century Zero Coupon 2025 Fund;Investor51.340.10.53
Vanguard Long-Term Treasury Fund;Admiral51.33-0.010.51
Fidelity Spartan Long-Tm Treas Bd Index Fd;Fid Adv51.28-0.040.5
SPDR Barclays Capital Long Term Treasury ETF50.88-0.030.5
Dreyfus US Treasury Long Term Fund50.750.080.53
iPath ETN US Treasury Flattener A50.75 0.66
Direxion Monthly 10 Year Note Bull 2x Fund;Inv50.590.040.49
Bualuang Top-Ten50.41.780.41
Vanguard Long-Term Government Bond Idx Fund;ETF50.3 0.5
ETFX FTSE MIB Super Short Strategy 2x50.28-0.40.19
T Rowe Price US Treasury Long-Term Fund50.14-0.020.5
PIMCO Long-Term US Government Fund;Institutional49.990.090.53
PIMCO RealEstateRealReturn Strategy Fund;Inst49.911.210.31
Lyxor ETF iBoxx USD Treasuries 10Y+49.89-0.120.5
The Australian Social Infrastructure49.723.450.44
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund49.450.320.33
ProShares Ultra 7-10 Year Treasury49.28 0.57
Bualuang Thanakom Open-end49.11.680.38
Mercer Sterling Nominal LDI Bond M-4 GBP49.02-0.530.48
Mercer Flexible LDI £ RPI Enhanced Hddg M-5 GBP48.942.20.33
Clal (L) Monthly Income (0B)48.122.821.19
Fidelity Advisor Biotechnology Fund;A47.721.170.39
UnionBank Large Cap Philippine Equity Portfolio47.20.470.3
First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund, Inc46.960.240.33
PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration Fund;Inst46.691.920.51
Buakaew 2 Open-end46.51.50.35
Odyssey Tax-Exempt Philippine Equity Fund46.45-0.260.23
Fidelity Select Biotechnology Portfolio46.211.060.37
JF Philippine Fund46.160.20.3
Bualuang Equity RMF46.061.470.34
Philequity Fund, Inc46.040.160.33
BDO Peso (Instl) Equity Fund45.990.210.33
Bualuang Long-Term Equity45.831.450.34
Sub Bualuang Open-end45.781.450.34
Luxor FI Multimercado45.67-2.570.16
Philam Strategic Growth Fund45.570.130.31
Henderson High Alpha Credit Y Gross45.251.610.38
BDO Equity Fund45.150.180.33
Buakaew Income45.091.410.33
Buakaew Open-end45.011.410.33
Carnegie II Biotechnology44.960.730.72
Philippine Stock Index Fund44.830.040.31
Odyssey Philippine High Conviction Equity Fund44.73-0.430.19
PIMCO 15+ Year US TIPS Index ETF44.57 0.68
Toronto Trust44.22 0.32
Philam Fund44.160.130.31
Odyssey Diversified Balanced Fund44.10.330.34
Alpha Recursos Naturales D43.842.280.27
BlackRock Long Duration Bond Portfolio;BlackRock43.780.010.73
Odyssey Philippine Equity Fund43.66-0.370.22
Aberdeen Small Cap43.511.530.32
Baillie Gifford Active Long Gilt Plus B Inc43.290.430.61
Aberdeen Smart Capital Retirement Mutual Fund42.71.340.33
Aberdeen Long Term Equity42.31.290.32
Vanguard Long-Term Bond Index Fund;Investor42.290.510.63
PowerShares Dynamic Pharmaceuticals Portfolio42.271.010.43
Russell IC UK Long Dated Gilt Acc42.16-0.240.55
NCM Mutual Fund Of The Phils, Inc42.120.220.34
MGI UK Long Gilt I-1 GBP42.1-0.180.59
iShares 10+ Year Government/Credit Bond Fund42.05 0.68
Vanguard U.K. Long Duration Gilt Index GBP A CAP42.02-0.210.58
GSIS Mutual Fund41.92-0.170.26
Odyssey Diversified Capital Fund41.87 0.49
KanAm US-grundinvest Fonds41.851.840.29
DWS Biotech Typ O41.822.340.64
BDO Peso Balanced Fund41.640.420.41
Aberdeen Growth41.61.290.32
ProFunds Biotechnology UltraSector ProFund;Inv41.441.460.23
db x-trackers MSCI Philippines IM TRN Index ETF 1C41.41-0.050.27
ETFS 3x Long USD Short EUR41.4 0.27
iShares MSCI Philippines Investable Market Idx Fd41.37 0.27
Franklin Biotechnology Discovery Fund;A41.32.030.28
CAM Philippines Equity Fund41.2-0.230.2
SPDR Nuveen Barclays Capital Build America Bd ETF41.16 0.69
Schroder Inst Long Dated Sterling Bond I Acc41.020.390.64
PIMCO Real Return Asset Fund;Institutional41.010.190.69
UBS Long Dated Fixed Interest UK Plus Acc J40.970.360.63
Saturno FI Multimercado40.90.120.43
Federated US Government Bond Fund;Svc40.9-0.210.45
Aberdeen Siam Leaders40.821.190.3
Palladium Japan Trust-SMBC DB AUD Prin Prot 07-0140.78 1.28
Rydex Biotechnology Fund;Investor40.720.710.29
Franklin Biotechnology Discovery A (acc) USD40.721.690.3
Newton Long Gilt Exempt 2 Gross GBP Acc40.440.340.64
Fidelity Inst Long Bond Inc40.430.40.67
Insight Investment UK Gov Long Maturities Bd S Acc40.340.490.65
Henderson Long Dated Gilt A Net Inc40.240.270.61
Snowflake FI Multimercado40.061.60.44
Robeco Inst Liability Driven Euro Full Disc. 20 Fd39.790.840.43
Baring BAM UK Long Dated Gilt39.790.260.6
PIMCO Build America Bond Strategy Fund39.7 0.66
LionGlobal Philippines39.68-0.020.52
iShares Barclays 10-20 Year Treasury Bond Fund39.670.170.56
ProShares Ultra Utilities39.571.440.39
Direxion Monthly NASDAQ-100 Bull 2x Fund;Inv39.520.750.15
PIMCO GIS UK Sterling Long Av Durtn Inst GBP Acc39.5-0.210.54
iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology Index Fund39.470.830.34
Saint Germain FI Multimercado39.443.110.19
Aberdeen Thailand Equity SGD39.251.20.35
Eaton Vance Build America Bond Fund;A39.22 0.8
ETFS Short Industrial Metals39.220.510.18
Robeco Inst Liability Driven Euro Gov Bd 20 Fd39.111.090.42
ProShares UltraPro QQQ38.69 0.09
PIMCO Long Duration Total Return Fund;Inst38.58-0.150.67
Delaware Extended Duration Bond Fund;A38.510.640.77
Sun Life Prosperity Phil Equity Fund38.47-0.150.26
Odyssey Peso Bond Fund38.340.210.68
PowerShares 1-30 Laddered Treasury Portfolio38.340.090.54
Optima Balanced Fund38.280.250.37
SPDR S&P Biotech ETF38.260.320.22
PPF – CP Global-BioPharma Fund38.210.930.2
Aberdeen Global II – Stg Long Dated Govt Bd J2 Acc38.090.230.58
Compass Global Allocation B38.051.780.16
Oppenheimer AMT-Free Municipals;A37.990.671.09
Bualuang Long-Term Equity75/2537.871.090.32
Nuveen California High Yield Municipal Bond Fund;A37.830.611.04
Krungsri Value Stock37.780.980.25
Krungsri Dividend Stock37.710.970.25
K Valued Stock37.651.010.28
Vanguard Long-Term Investment-Grade Fund;Admiral37.59-0.070.62
ProShares Ultra QQQ37.540.610.14
ProFunds Pharmaceuticals UltraSector ProFund;Inv37.521.190.3
Odyssey Tax-Exempt Peso Fixed Income Fund37.450.590.67
ProShares Ultra Consumer Services37.3810.16
Mandiri Investa Dana Utama37.231.460.29
Metro Equity Fund37.23-0.420.21
American Century Zero Coupon 2020 Fund;Investor37.050.30.6
PIMCO Long-Term Credit Fund;Institutional36.960.550.8
ALFM Growth Fund36.85-1.480.15
Fidelity Inst Sterling Core Plus Bond Acc36.760.780.98
SPDR S&P Homebuilders ETF36.741.330.17
Nuveen High Yield Municipal Bond Fund;I36.730.711.05
iShares Dow Jones US Pharmaceuticals Index Fund36.690.730.38
Rydex NASDAQ-100 2x Strategy Fund;H36.610.550.13
SMAM Thailand High Dividend Yield EQ F 071136.570.830.16
DWS Vorsorge Rentenfonds XL Duration36.561.20.34
PowerShares Build America Bond Port36.46 0.8
Krungsri Dividend Stock RMF36.410.880.23
MFC Hi-Dividend36.390.850.23
Krungsri Dividend Stock LTF36.370.880.23
Sucorinvest Flexi36.351.220.26
ProFunds UltraNASDAQ-100 ProFund;Investor36.320.540.13
ICECAPITAL US Stock Index B36.211.230.43
BDO Institutional Fixed Income Fund36.2-0.630.78
Oppenheimer California Municipal Fund;A36.20.510.9
AXA Framlington Biotech R Acc36.181.50.35
Oppenheimer Rochester Virginia Municipal Fund;A36.140.210.89
Franklin California High Yield Municipal Fund;A36.120.521.24
Vanguard Long-Term Corporate Bond Idx Fund;ETF36.05 0.53
Matthew 25 Fund361.060.2
SBI Mid/Small Capital Undervalued Growth Equity F35.851.420.29
iShares FTSE NAREIT Retail Capped Index Fund35.640.390.21
ATR-Kim Eng Equity Opportunity Fund35.62-0.290.22
Enhanced Philippines Index35.37-0.280.2
iShares 10+ Year Credit Bond Fund35.35 0.64


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