World rebounds in 2012 – MSCI data

Most country and regional indices rebounded in 2012 after a poor 2011, according to data from MSCI covering both developed and emerging markets.

Nearly the entire range of country and regional MSCI Developed Markets (DM) Indices delivered strong positive returns for 2012, the index provider said.

The two main MSCI developed market flagship indices – the MSCI World Index and MSCI EAFE – returned 13.00% and 13.96%, respectively, while even higher returns prevailed in many European countries and regions.

The MSCI emerging markets indices posted a slightly wider range of positive results relative to developed markets, while frontier markets indices produced the most widely dispersed results for 2012.

MSCI Indices Performance Table  
Index2012 1 Jan 2012 – 27 Dec 20122011
MSCI All Country (AC) Indices  
MSCI ACWI IMI/Financials24.13%-20.61%
MSCI Zhong Hua Index220.07%-19.72%
MSCI AC Asia ex Japan Index18.72%-19.16%
MSCI AC Far East ex Japan Index18.34%-16.78%
MSCI AC Europe Index16.09%-14.45%
MSCI ACWI Small Cap Index15.17%-12.75%
MSCI ACWI Mid Cap Index14.21%-11.25%
MSCI ACWI Investable Market Index (IMI)13.45%-9.87%
MSCI ACWI Index13.19%-9.41%
MSCI ACWI Large Cap Index12.99%-9.05%
MSCI ACWI IMI/Telecom Services4.29%-5.02%
MSCI ACWI IMI/Utilities-0.71%-6.79%
MSCI Developed Markets (DM) Indices  
MSCI Belgium Index37.58%-12.55%
MSCI Denmark Index30.32%-16.83%
MSCI Germany Index28.12%-20.05%
MSCI Europe Small Cap Index25.76%-21.94%
MSCI Nordic Countries Index19.27%-19.80%
MSCI Pacific ex Japan Index19.22%-16.25%
MSCI Europe ex UK Index18.61%-17.63%
MSCI EMU Index18.34%-20.15%
MSCI Europe Index15.87%-13.82%
MSCI USA Small Cap Index14.94%-4.35%
MSCI World Small Cap Index14.75%-10.49%
MSCI EAFE Index13.96%-14.82%
MSCI World Index13.00%-7.61%
MSCI USA Index12.86%-0.11%
MSCI Spain Index-1.90%-16.90%
MSCI Greece Index-2.53%-63.59%
MSCI Israel Index-6.95%-29.79%
MSCI Emerging Markets (EM) Indices  
MSCI Turkey Index60.59%-36.78%
MSCI Egypt Index46.90%-48.78%
MSCI Philippines Index43.17%-3.17%
MSCI EM Eastern Europe ex Russia Index25.62%-29.98%
MSCI EM Europe & Middle East IMI21.22%-26.46%
MSCI EM Europe Index20.46%-25.33%
MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap Index18.56%-28.78%
MSCI Emerging Markets (EM) Index14.52%-20.41%
MSCI Brazil Index-4.37%-24.85%
MSCI Czech Republic Index-3.49%-11.29%
MSCI Morocco Index-16.15%-18.75%
MSCI Frontier Markets (FM) Indices  
MSCI Kenya Index54.16%-30.61%
MSCI Nigeria Index52.82%-18.73%
MSCI Estonia Index44.98%-28.79%
MSCI FM Africa Index44.88%-19.76%
MSCI Frontier Markets (FM) Index4.60%-22.14%
MSCI Bulgaria Index-32.78%-29.80%
MSCI Argentina Index-37.49%-42.64%
MSCI Ukraine Index-49.33%-45.81%
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