Past Issues

Building a better future

Read our interactive ezine on developments in SRI/ESG/Sustainability issues.

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Benchmark Agnosticism

Beatriz Hernández of atl Capital on the trend towards unconstrained funds.

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Deeper and Broader

This special supplement considers developments in SRI/ESG/Sustainability as it relates to both equities and fixed income. It also looks at measurements around adoption of related factors into investment processes.

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Bye-Bye Britain

Lucas Strojny of Advenis Investment Managers cites Brexit challenge to UK-domiciled funds

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Fixed Income Supplement 2018

Analysis of government bonds in light of interest rate expectations; the need to diversify into alternative areas of fixed income investing

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London Roundtable 2017

Read our interactive ezine on the London Forum 2017, including video interviews and biographies of speakers, links to presentations and a full event report

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Single Purpose

Thomas Metzger, head of Asset Management, Bankhaus Bauer, on the merits of single country funds

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Fund Manager of the Year 2017/18 (ezine)

Read our interactive ezine on the Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2017/18, including video, photographs and portraits of the winning funds and fund selectors.

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Brussels Roundtable 2017

Highlights from the InvestmentEurope Brussels Roundtable 2017 have been published in the form of an ezine.

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Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2017/18

Considering the best performers and the outstanding personalities in the industry at the InvestmentEurope Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2017/18

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Querying Quantity

Jarl Åkerlund of Trastebo shares his view on quantitative strategies

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Tipping Point (e-zine version)

Socially Responsible Investment Supplement 2017

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