Photo Competition

InvestmentEurope is proud to bring you its latest photo competition, which is open to fund selectors across Europe.

This quarter’s competition is on the theme of Water.

The best photo as selected by our Editorial team will be highlighted in the following month, and go onto the list for inclusion in our planned 2017 diary, which will be published toward the end of this year.

To take part in the competition, send your photos to the following email address by Thursday, 30 June:


Previous Competitions

Over time, InvestmentEurope will collect galleries of photos entered for its quarterly photo competitions.

These will be published on the website.


Competition rules

The rules for entering the competition are straightforward.

  1. Any work submitted must be your own (no ‘borrowing’ pictures from, for example, a friend or Google)
  2. Photos should be received by the last day of the quarter to be included in the judging, which will generally take place in the first week of the following month.
  3. Photos can be delivered in any format, however, we would prefer .jpg files as ‘raw’ or .tiff files may be very large and hence bounce off our competition email address
  4. Open Door Media Publishing Ltd (“ODM”), owner of InvestmentEurope, reserves the right to use any submitted photos – not just photos that win – for purposes including web graphics, marketing, or other.
  5. Any photos sent to the dedicated competition email address will be deemed copyright ODM for publishing purposes; however, ODM will release rights to those who took the photo for personal use and/or for use in photographic competitions run by bone fide photographic publications. (This is merely to ensure that if you send us a photo, it will not suddenly also appear on a competitor website or magazine, but if you have photography as a hobby you won’t be restricted from offering up the same photo to a competition run by a photography magazine, or sharing your original photo with your friends and family on a personal basis)
  6. ODM cannot provide guarantees that a photo sent to the competition email address will have been received. If you are concerned, or if you receive bouncebacks, please contact the Editorial desk. Contact details are available here:



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