Austrian investors gloomiest in Europe

Austrians are least pleased with their investment decisions in 2011, closely followed by Swiss investors, with both countries citing the eurozone debt crisis as the key reason for their melancholy.

A poll of over 1,400 affluent investors across 10 European countries showed that in eight of the 10 countries surveyed, the majority of investors were not happy with the investments they had made.

The poll, carried out by Schroders, assessed how happy they were with the investments they had made and what, if any, had been their investment regrets.

The exceptions to the gloomy trend were the UK and Germany. In the UK, just over half were happy with their investments (55%) and opinion was balanced in Germany (50%).

By contrast, only 5% of Austrians were content with their investment decisions and just 18% of Swiss.

The majority (57%) of Austrians said the eurozone debt crisis was the issue that caused them most concern about their investments. The Swiss were even more worried about this with 60% revealing it as their primary investment concern.

Spain and Italy, the only two countries surveyed belonging to the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain) group of financially shaky nations, were among the least concerned about the eurozone debt crisis: only Germany was less nervous about it.

No European investors seemed bothered about the threat of sovereign credit rating downgrades. Only the Swiss demonstrated marginal concern with 23% saying this was their most pressing issue. Just 3% of Italians agreed.

Investors were divided over how to remedy their malcontent. The majority of British (57%), Austrian (56%), Swiss (53%) and Swedish (51%) investors said the best option for now is to be patient and hold on to investments.

Dutch investors were wracked by uncertainty with 47% saying they were unsure how to proceed.

Italian and French investors were torn between investing in property, investing in absolute return products and investing in emerging markets.

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