S&P new European sovereign debt rating table

S&P’s new rating of European sovereign debt is outlined in the attached table.


Country New Previous
Austria  AA+/Negative/A-1+ AAA/Watch Neg/A-1+
Belgium  AA/Negative/A-1+ AA/Watch Neg/A-1+
Cyprus  BB+/Negative/B BBB/Watch Neg/A-3
Estonia  AA-/Negative/A-1+ AA-/Watch Neg/A-1+
Finland  AAA/Negative/A-1+ AAA/Watch Neg/A-1+
France  AA+/Negative/A-1+ AAA/Watch Neg/A-1+
Germany AAA/Stable/A-1+ AAA/Watch Neg/A-1+
Ireland BBB+/Negative/A-2 BBB+/Watch Neg/A-2
Italy BBB+/Negative/A-2 A/Watch Neg/A-1
Luxembourg AAA/Negative/A-1+ AAA/Watch Neg/A-1+
Malta A-/Negative/A-2 A/Watch Neg/A-1
Netherlands AAA/Negative/A-1+ AAA/Watch Neg/A-1+
Portugal BB/Negative/B BBB-/Watch Neg/A-3
Slovakia A/Stable/A-1 A+/Watch Neg/A-1
Slovenia A+/Negative/A-1 AA-/Watch Neg/A-1+
Spain A/Negative/A-1 AA-/Watch Neg/A-1+



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