Eurozone industrial output regains pace

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The eurozone industrial production went up by 1% in July, after having fell 0.3% from May to July, according to estimates from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

In July 2014 compared with July 20134, industrial production grew by 2.2% in the eurozone and by 2.0% in the EU28.

On a monthly basis, the increase of 1.0% in industrial production in the eurozone was due to production of capital goods rising by 2.6%, non-durable consumer goods by 1.2% and intermediate goods by 0.5%, while durable consumer goods fell by 1.2% and energy by 1.3%, Eurostat said.

The highest increases in industrial production were registered in Ireland (+11.3%), Estonia (+2.8%), Slovenia (+2.3%) and Croatia (+2.1%), and the largest decreases in Denmark (-4.7%), Malta (-4.2%) and Greece (-1.7%).

Looking at the annual basis, the increase of 2.2% in industrial production was also attributed to production of capital goods rising by 4.6%, non-durable consumer goods by 4.0% and intermediate goods by 1.6%, while durable consumer goods fell by 0.2% and energy by 4.4%.

Ireland still leads the way for highest increase (+17.6%), followed by Hungary (+12.3%) and Slovenia (+9.2%). The largest decrease on an annual basis was instead registered in Denmark (-6.4%), Sweden (-5.0%) and Finland (-2.7%).



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