Bantleon to distribute Opportunities Funds S and L to Italy’ clients

German asset manager Bantleon has expanded its offering in Italy and launched its Opportunities Funds S and L to retail clients in the country.

Bantleon Opportunities S is an absolute-return fund that focuses on high-quality bonds. The investment objective is to generate high returns on a regular basis by adapting bond maturities and equity exposure to projected economic developments while avoiding debtor and exchange rate risks.

The fund invests in government and public sector bonds and comparably safe bonds from the Eurozone. Between 0% and 20% of the fund’s total assets may additionally be invested in European blue chips.

Opportunities L has a similar objective. Between 0% and 40% of the fund’s total assets may additionally be invested in European blue chips and the use of derivatives is limited and is for portfolio duration management purposes and for the efficient implementation of the equity exposure.

In Italy, the funds will be distributed by Capital Strategies Partners, a Spanish financial advisory firm which has been present in Italy since 2008. In Italy the firm is headed by Riccardo Milan (pictured).

Founded in 1991, Bantleon has offices in Germany and Switzerland and is a specialist for security-oriented investments.

The range of products includes investment-grade bond funds, absolute-return-funds and asset management funds for private and institutional investors as well as individual solutions (single-investor funds and advisory mandates) for institutional investors.

The firm manages abour €7bn for clients in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

On the institutional side, Bantleon works with about 140 clients such as banks, insurance companies and pension funds.

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