Italian affluent investors like emerging markets, Schroders finds

Italian affluent investors allocate 35% of household income to financial investments, according to the results of the ‘European Wealth Index’ survey published by Schroders.

A research on more than 1300 investors with invested assets above €60,000 in 12 countries found that despite the European crisis, long-term investments remain a key priority for affluent investors.

On average, Italy’s households spend 54% of their monthly income, they invest 35% and they allocate 11% to repay previous debt.

The results are in line with income allocation at European level and they indicate that despite the crisis Italians consider long-term investments a priority.

Given the current market volatility, the survey also found that Italians mainly invest to save money against unforeseeable future expenses (42%) and to build a pension plan (31%).

Meanwhile, Italian investors expressed a strong preference for emerging markets. Schroders found that 41% of affluent investors consider Asia as an attractive investment destination, followed by Eastern Europe (18%) and the Middle East (16%).

Only 22% of Italians saw opportunities in the domestic market, against a European average of 30%.

In terms of asset classes, 28% of investors preferred Asian equities and 18% would invest in real estate.

Only 4% of surveyed investors would allocate their income to hedge funds, while 15% said to be ready to invest in gold.

“The study found that affluent investors save and invest a significant share of their income despite market uncertainty. They also show a positive attitude towards opportunities in emerging markets,” said Luca Tenani (pictured), head of distribution for Italy at Schroders.

Chiara Albanese
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