Italy’s Anima SGR report: Financial products overtake real estate investments

Italians keep saving and planning for the future, with 75% of them saying they are cutting on expenses and trying to protect capital, Anima GfK Eurisko research says.

Economic crises keep striking Italian families, which nonetheless continue to try making savings and plan ahead, a joint report from Osservatorio Anima and market research firm GfK Eurisko, has said.

As the Italian independent asset manager’s report also showed, real estate investments ranked lower in Italians’ top list and were overtaken for the first time by financial products.

One year ago, 25% of interviewees said they would invest in real estate and only 19% in financial products. Conversely, this year, 23% said they would invest in financial products if they had enough liquidity to do so.

According to the report, this might be either because Italians feel that the eurozone’s debt crisis has passed or because there is a wider offer of innovative financial products on the market.

The report also showed that:

   – 72% of interviewees do not expect the Italian economic situation to evolve any time soon

   – 12% cut on “important expenses”

   – 14% cut on savings

Anima SGR and GfK Eurisko have also researched Italian investor sentiment.

With no significant change from last year, 44% of investors interviewed said invested capital protection remains one of their top priorities; 38% said they need to make sure they have a minimum return on investment, while 20% said they look at cost restraint first.

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