Twitterview: Markets in ‘Waiting for Godot’ mode, says @fgoria

Italian eurozone reporter Fabrizio Goria has become a national ‘twitstar’ (a personality on social network Twitter), after he gained about 23k followers for his continous reporting on the eurozone crisis.

Italy correspondent Chiara Albanese met him in Milan to discuss how the eurozone crisis is perceived in Italy’s financial industry. Via Twitter, of course.

You built a very wide audience in European markets for your tireless coverage of the eurozone crisis. Are the fears over?

Absolutely not. The fears of a € break-up are not gone. Markets are in a “Waiting for Godot” mode (a reference to Samuel Beckett play in which two characters wait endlessly and in vain for the arrival of someone named Godot). The Spanish bailout is the next fear.

What are the biggest concerns for your readers? In Italy, is risk political or financial? 

The main question is: “Which future after Monti?” Social unrest and political instability are the fears for international investors.

Which data and themes are in the spotlight, in terms of mentions and RTs?

The Spanish bailout, the capital flight from Eurozone Club Med. And the Grexit!

Focus still on the euro then. Grexit, yes or no? Spailout, yes or no?

Eurozone for now, more than the US fiscal cliff or the Chinese hard landing. Grexit? Maybe no. Maybe… Spailout? Of course, late October.

We are not headed for quieter times… Which sources keep you updated on Twitter?

The great @chrisadamsmkts, from FT; @djfxtrader@TheStalwart@simonespetia@riotta and@chedisagio for Italy.

And on the web?

Newswires like BBG, DJ or Reuters, plus several interesting blogs like @FTAlphaville.

Financial crisis and austerity. Have you seen any changes in the Italian lifestyle in the last months?

No, if we like iPhone 5, we queue up! Insane!

Question from @carlomarzetti: Is there any industry left these days that could lure foreign investors to Italy?

I guess not. The Italian byzantinism is too high, such as taxes.

Question from @financeferraro: After all this financial drug addiction (ECB,FED,BOJ,Spain bailout, China…) do you see a definitive bubble bust for stocks?

Maybe yes. Anyway, don’t forget that now we live in the New Normal… And that’s the new world.

Question from @laxskiff: How will German slow-down impact German contributions to rescue funds?

It is not just the economic slow-down, but also the elections that matter. By the way, the next Eurogroup meeting will be a turning point for the ESM.

You now live in Milan – what #musteat #mustsee if you visit the city?

Well, I admit I prefer Rome! But in Milan you should see @museodel900, then Brera and the Navigli (canal quarter).

Final and most important Q from @toby_n to night and day tweep – when do you sleep?

Between 2am and 6am, obviously.

You can follow Fabrizio Goria at @fgoria

You can follow Investment Europe at @inveurope

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