Handelsbanken funds stand out in Finnish asset allocation fund data

Data published in the monthly Mutual Fund Report for the Finnish market has ranked a number of Handelsbanken funds top among peers contained in the popular asset allocation fund category.

The data, jointly published by Investment Research Finland Ltd and The Federation of Finnish Financial Services, points to the asset allocation category of funds as having almost single handedly attracting net investments to the market through October.

Net subscriptions to equity funds were €-46m, they were €-186m for short term bond funds, and they were €038m for alternative funds.

Bond funds recorded net subscriptions of just €0.39m through the month. By contrast asset allocation funds (as defined by the data) saw net subscriptions of €209m.

Top ranked among some 85 funds in this category for which the report shows data are Handelsbanken Pension 60 Active, Handelsbanken Pension 70 Active, and Handelsbanken Pension 80 Active.

These three funds are ranked top three out of the 85 over a three year period, returning over 10% per annum over the period, and more than 15% per annum each over five years. A fourth – Handelsbanken Pension 50 Active – is ranked 5th over three years, returning 8.5%.

Arguably these are volatile portfolios. The volatility over the past 12 months is over 12%, or more than twice the average for the sector of 6%.

Unsurprisingly, net subscriptions to these funds continued through October, although they are not the biggest portfolios by size in the sector.



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