Investment desire strong, investment knowledge weak, Swedish survey suggests

A survey of over 1,000 Swedish investors by Norwegian insurer Storebrand’s Swedish asset management business SPP found that every other Swede is actively interested in their investments, but that just 20% feel they have sufficient investment knowledge.

Every other person surveyed invests in equities, funds or other securities, SPP said.

Equity investments are more common among men than women, but otherwise there are no significant differences between the types of investment and savings that are used.

However,more men feel comfortable about their own level of investment knowledge than women.

Two out of ten overall responded that they seek the help of financial advisers. More women said they did so than men. More women also said that they would seek such assistance.

Seven out of ten overall answered that they save in a bank account, thereby making it the most common form of saving or investment.

Some 80% said they have savings. The ratio is highest in the 56-70 age group, where it rises to 90%. There are no significant differences between men and women in this rate.

SPP also included questions regarding ethical behaviour of companies in which investments are made. This was done in its capacity as one of the biggest local market providers of SRI/ethical investment solutions for direct investors as well as pension funds.

“Seven in ten of those questioned answered that it is of great or very great importance that a company acts sustainably and responsibly when they make decisions on buying goods or services. Six in ten men and seven in ten women said that it is of great or very great importance. The older respondents believe to a slightly higher degree than the younger that it is of great or very great importance that a company acts sustainably and responsibly,” SPP said.

The survey was based on responses from 1,255 Swedish men and women, which took place in early August.






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