Nordea’s message to irritated internet bank customers

Nordic bank Nordea has responded to criticism about service levels at its internet banking facilities by issuing an update on the technical work ongoing to improve services.

Nordea has been suffering for some time with technical glitches at its internet bank, particularly around accessibility towards month’s end.

Per Stensö, head of IT for the retail business at Nordea, has described the work to improve stability.

What is the basic problem hitting the intenet bank?

It is essentially a capacity problem. The number of transactions that are being done via our IT system is increasing all the time. At the same time customers are demanding ever more advanced services. This is a challenge for all banks. Because Nordea is a big international bank with a growing customer base, this challenge is even bigger for us.

How is Nordea working the problem?

Naturally it has been given the highest priority, and we are working hard to solve the problem. We have identified parts of our system that we need to improve and are now building our way piece by piece away from the problem. This affects both hardware and software, and will improve the performance of the system, and at the same time gives us a good base to build on in future. We can already see positive results from our work. The performance has improved, and we are more quickly able to deal with problems that arise.

When do you expect the work to be finished?

We can see that the actions we have taken have lead to a certain improvement in accessibility. But at the same time we are not there yet. Our data system is extensive and the development work has to be done with a long term view. When we introduce new solutions or improvements they have to be thoroughly tested. We are counting on successive improvements in coming months.

What would you say to those customers who are irritated over accessibility?

The irritation is wholly understandable and we of course apologise for not having an internet bank that has been able to deliver fully to customers. Our target is a 100% reliability and accessibility. We are working night and day to give customers an improved service, and we are not giving up before we get there.


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