Swedish Investment Fund Association broadens membership rules

Fondbolagens förening (Swedish Investment Fund Association) has adjusted membership rules unchanged since its establishment in 1979, to allow asset managers that are not defined as fund companies to join – boosting its already record number of members.

Today’s count stands at 38 fund company members. This includes independent companies, both foreign and domestic, as well as those that may be owned by banks or insurers.

In addition to extending membership to a broader range of asset managers – that is, asset managers managing funds, but which are not defined as fund companies per se – the Association has also introduced associate membership for companies with connections to the industry, but that are neither fund companies nor asset managers.

This could include distributors of funds, as well as fund supermarkets, but also accountants, law firms, systems providers and fund administrators. Associate members gain access to the same network as members, including seminars, publications, information and consultations.

Thomas Eriksson, Association chairman, said: “Fondbolagens förening is a collective voice for the fund industry. With more members, ordinary as well as associate, our voice will be even stronger. At the same time I want to stress that the Association’s objective of safeguarding the interests of investors continues unchanged. Membership in Fondbolagens förening shuold be seen as a mark of quality.”


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