Swedish Investment Fund Association delivers book on responsible investments

The Swedish Investment Fund Association has published a book on responsible investments to coincide with the start of UN climate negotiations in Doha, with the Association stating that responsible investments are moving from being an exception to becoming the norm.

The book (titled: Ansvarsfulla investeringar – om fonder, etik och hållbarhet) is intended to function as a resource for investors, to increase knowledge about responsible investments.

The Association said that surveys of Swedish fund investors found most ranked issues of ethics, environment and responsible investments highly. One particular survey commissioned by the Association found that out of about 1,500 Swedes aged 18-79, they generally picked a “4” on a scale of 1-5, where 1 was “not important” and 5 was “very important”. Among women the average score was higher still, at around 4.3 out of 5.

“The question is no longer how costly it is to analyse companies in terms of principles of sustainability, but rather how costly it can become not to do that analysis,” added Pia Nilsson, chief executive of the Association.

However, there are plenty of questions around the practicalities of committing to responsible investments, such as costs and expectations of return. The Association said that it was these types of questions that its new book seeks to answer on behalf of investors.

Fund providers quoted in the book include SEB Fonder, Swedbank Robur, DNB, and SPP fonder.


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