Swedish investors still attracted to bond funds

Net investments in bond funds continued through June, according to latest figures from the Swedish Investment Fund Association (Fondbolagens förening)

In contrast, equities funds whose activities are covered by the Assocation’s statistics saw combined net redemptions of SEK-10.6bn (€-1.23bn).

In the bond fund market, short term interest rates (money market funds) attracted SEK5.6bn (€0.65bn) on a net basis, while other bond funds attracted SEK4.8bn (€0.6bn).

Balanced funds saw a marginal net inflow of SEK400m, but hedge funds and other funds experienced net redemptions.

The Association said that net investments over the first six months of 2012 hit SEK11.8bn (€1.37bn), mostly in bond funds.

The total value of assets in funds hit SEK1.895trn (€220.3bn) at the end of June, of which 52%, or SEK988bn, were in equity funds. 

Net investments, SEKbn
  June Jan-June
Equity -10.6 3.6
Balanced 0.4 5.6
Bond 4.8 9.6
Money Market 5.6 -3.3
Hedge -0.3 -3.5
Other -0.1 -0.1


Assets, SEKbn
  June 2012
Equity 988
Balanced 425
Bond 210
Money Market 232
Hedge 34
Other 6


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