Unibet odds point to rising residential property prices in Sweden

Unibet, the Nasdaq OMX listed provider of gambling services across Europe, has started offering bets on residential house prices in Sweden, which point to asset prices rising sharply in the coming year.

Bets can be placed on greater and central Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, the three largest cities in the country.

According to current odds, prices in central Stockholm could rise above SEK65,000 (€7,561) per square metre within the next 12 months. In Gothenburg the data points to prices above SEK41,000 (4,769)/sqm, and over SEK20,000 (2,326)/sqm in Malmö.

Unibet said that if the odds prove correct, then residential property prices will beat existing record highs within a year.

Currently, Unibet would pay out a ratio of 3.2x on any SEK1 bet that prices in the greater Stockholm region will exceed SEK40,000/sqm by 1 November 2012. The payout is 1.65x for 1 June 2014.

For central Stockholm the payout would be 1.75x each SEK1 bet that prices will surpass SEK65,000/sqm by 1 June 2014.


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