Alliance Trust Investments now one of the leading UK SRI providers

Alliance Trust Investments is now one of the largest players in the UK Sustainable and Responsible Investments (SRI) market with a portfolio of seven SRI OEICs totalling £1.2bn, following the completion of the official transfer of business from Aviva Investors, the firm said.

The former Aviva Investors SRI team, headed by Peter Michaelis, moved to Alliance Trust Investments in August 2012 and continued to manage the Sustainable Future funds on a sub-advisory basis.

The transfer of the full Authorised Corporate Director (ACD) to Alliance Trust Investments completes the transition of the funds. These continue to be managed with the same philosophy and mandate: to deliver strong returns by investing in sustainable companies.

Alliance Trust Investments now offers a full range of SRI funds (the Alliance Trust Sustainable Future funds) designed to provide investors with opportunities covering regular income, such as the Sustainable Future Corporate Bond Fund, or growth over the long term from a range of Sustainable Future equity funds, or a combination of both through the Sustainable Futures Managed Fund.

All funds invest in a range of sustainable and responsible companies which must meet strict social and environmental standards.

Michaelis, head of SRI at Alliance Trust Investments, said greater investor awareness of environmental and social issues combined with political efforts to promote change are two factors that have highlighted the potential of SRI funds.

The UK’s Retail Distribution Review (RDR) has also forced advisers to sit up and take a lot more notice of the specific investment aims of their clients, many of whom will express a desire for ethical investments, he said.

“…You realize just how big the opportunities are. At the very least, recent investor demand and regulatory developments have turned on its head the belief that it’s wrong to reflect your values in your investment choices, and of course it is a total myth that SRI investment means losing out on returns. Companies that demonstrate strong management of social and environmental issues are better positioned when it comes to achieving sustainable and resilient profits, something that naturally sits well with our investors.”

A specialist fund management business, Alliance Trust Investments offers a selection of open-ended funds and investment solutions focusing on global equities and fixed income with an emphasis on specialist investment solutions.

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