Gilliat unveils Credit-Suisse backed growth plan

Gilliat Financial Solutions has launched its Growth Multiplier – September 2011, which is the first structured product publicly offered to the UK market with Credit Suisse as the counterparty.

The Growth Multiplier – September 2011 offers geared returns of 7.5 times any rise in the FTSE 100 after 6 years, up to a maximum of 75%.

Therefore, a rise of just 10% in the FTSE 100 would give a growth payment of 75%.

Adrian Neave, managing director of Gilliat Financial Solutions, said: “We’re delighted to be able to bring an entirely new counterparty to the UK market.

“Many advisers are worried about counterparty risk being concentrated on one or two of the high street banks so by introducing Credit Suisse we are offering the chance to diversify further without compromising on financial strength.

 “The Growth Multiplier has been very popular with advisers as it only needs minor movements to achieve a significant growth payment.”

He said the group’s backtesting on 5,469 cycles since the FTSE 100 began has shown the product would have paid out the maximum growth payment on more than 75% of occasions.


A version of this article first appeared on Professional Adviser.

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