US TCAM targets European investors via Nuveen

Nuveen Investments has extended its portfolio offerings to non-US investors with the availability of three Ucits strategies from US based TIAA-CREF Asset Management (TCAM).

Sub-advised by TCAM’s Teachers Advisors, Inc., the new strategies are offered via Nuveen Global Investors Fund plc through a Ucits structure.

TCAM will manage two ESG strategies that include a global equity ESG strategy and a US bond ESG strategy. Additionally, TCAM will manage an emerging market debt strategy.

The TIAA Global Equity ESG strategy seeks a favorable long-term total return that reflects the investment performance of the overall global stock market while giving special consideration to certain ESG criteria.

The evaluation process favors companies that demonstrate ESG leadership in their respective sectors, including impact on stakeholders such as employees, communities, customers, suppliers and the environment.

The TIAA US Bond ESG strategy seeks a favorable long-term total return through income and capital appreciation while giving special consideration to certain environmental, social, and governance criteria.

The strategy invests in a broad range of publicly traded Investment Grade bonds and fixed income securities including US Government securities, corporate bonds, taxable US municipal securities and mortgage-backed or other asset backed-securities, subject to ESG criteria.

Additionally, the strategy invests a portion of its assets in fixed-income instruments that reflect proactive social investments. These investments provide direct exposure to issuers and/or individual projects that have clear and measurable social or environmental benefits.

The TIAA Emerging Markets Debt strategy seeks a favorable long-term total return, through income and capital appreciation, by investing primarily in a portfolio of emerging markets fixed-income investments.

It typically invests the majority of its assets in fixed-income securities issued in emerging markets countries, including corporate, sovereign and quasi-sovereign fixed-income securities with ratings of B- or better, but it may also invest in lower-rated bonds.

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