Old Mutual to launch gold and silver fund

Old Mutual to launch gold and silver fund

Old Mutual Global Investors (OMGI) is set to launch the Old Mutual Gold & Silver fund in March 2016, subject to regulatory approval.

The fund, which will be a sub-fund of the Dublin domiciled Old Mutual Global Investors Series Plc, will be managed by Ned Naylor-Leyland, who joined OMGI from Quilter Cheviot in September 2015.

Naylor-Leyland will be supported by analyst Joe Lunn and Investment administrator, Amelia Bowyer, who previously worked with him at Quilter Cheviot.

Naylor Leyland joined OMGI from Quilter Cheviot in September 2015.

He started at Quilter Cheviot in July 2008 and continues to run their Malta-domiciled precious metals fund.

Naylor Leyland joined Quilter Cheviot from Smith and Williamson. He started his investment career at Neilson Management in 2001 and has over 15 years’ experience working in the precious metals sector.

The fund will aim to deliver a total return by combining indirect exposure to gold and silver bullion, with selected precious metals mining equities, in order to target maximum diversification and potential for upside for investors.

The management team will use a bottom-up stock selection process and try and select companies able to provide results in the long term.

“Using a dynamic investment process the team will adjust the weighting of gold- and silver- related equity and equity-related securities, at various points throughout the market cycle, to create the optimal balance in the portfolio,” OMGI said.

Ned Naylor- Leyland comments: “I’m delighted to be at Old Mutual Global Investors working on the launch of a new gold and silver fund. In times of market turmoil, monetary metals have consistently been turned to as a safe haven for investors.

“Gold and silver prices have fallen to levels from which they have rebounded strongly in previous bear market cycles and look set to rise again in popularity as an asset class over the course of 2016.”

Warren Tonkinson, Managing Director, Old Mutual Global Investors, comments: “As investors increasingly look for alternatives to diversify their portfolios, now is the perfect time to launch the Old Mutual Gold & Silver Fund.

“Ned brings with him a wealth of experience and his appointment is another great example of how we are working with our colleagues at Quilter Cheviot to identify opportunities to utilise existing skills within the business to enhance our proposition and add value for investors.”

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